My house is my castle – this rule is well known in all over the world. Every country has it own styles houses. For example: colonial style in USA, Victorian and Elizabeth styles in England, Laneaway style in

Canada and many others.

In ancient times, in each town houses usually were similar to each-other. Nowadays, more and more people want to live somewhere special and out of ordinary.

Now, I show you some unusual houses from all corners of out planet.

This house was built by Indonesian architect Irin Jane and was named Extreme Tree House. It is situated in the Jungles, on the top of tree. Although, live there is very dangerous,but there is amazing view on the starry sky.

If that house dIdn’t appeal to you, what about

Upside-Down House in Schumbark,Poland.The architect of this house is Daniel Czapiewski.

Now,I’ll describe the house of my dream.

It schould be a modern,3-storey cottage.

I’d like to live in the suburbs.Also,my house must be spacious with 5 or more bedrooms.It will have tiled roof,brick chimney and wooden entrance stairs.

Inside, I’d like to have fitted kitchen,central heating and security system.

It must be very cosy and luxurious.