Presentation- Famous Architects - Hatboro

Presentation- Famous Architects (50 pts.)
Architectural Drawing
Project Goal:
Each of you will research a famous architect from the past few centuries. You’ll create a
PowerPoint presentation to teach the rest of the class about your architect.
Presentation Content:
 See attached rubric, and use it as a checklist
 Slide layout should be graphically sound and somewhat creative. Be careful not to be too
creative (avoid too many different colors or styles of font, too much clutter on slides, text
overlapping images, etc.).
 You should have a good image to text ratio. Include LOTS of images… many of us are
visual learners! The more images you find, the more interesting your presentation will be.
 Presentation must be between 3-5 minutes. Speak loudly and clearly. Have notes handy,
or memorized. Be enthusiastic and engaging!
Choose an Architect (
Adolf Loos
Kenzo Tange
Albert Kahn
Kevin Roche
Aldo Rossi
Le Corbusier
Alvar Aalto
Louis Henry Sullivan
Alvaro Siza
Louis Isadore Kahn
Antonio Gaudi
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Carlo Scarpa
Luis Barragan
Eliel Saarinen
Marcel Breuer
Frank Owen Gehry
Mario Botta
Fumihiko Maki
Michael Graves
Gottfried Boehm
Oscar Niemeyer
Henry Hobson Richardson
Paolo Soleri
Charles Ormond Eames
Renzo Piano
Christopher Wren
Richard Meier
I. M. Pei
Robert Venturi
James Stirling
Tadao Ando
Presentation – Famous Architects
Name: _________________________
Grading Rubric- 50 pts.
Due: ________________
You may use this as a checklist to make sure you have all information included in your
presentation on separate slides. Present these items in order. **Include at least one image in
most of your slides. Use images whenever possible to show what you are describing.
Criteria (by category)
 Name of architect
 Date of birth / death
 Origin (country/place of birth)
Score Points
Biography of Early Years
 Childhood
 Family life
 Schooling
 How did they learn about architecture
(schooling, parents, self-taught, etc.)?
This section should contain multiple slides.
Include images!
Biography of Career
 How did they get started?
 What is their preferred style of
architecture? Did it evolved over time? If
so, how?
 Discuss at least 3 of their more famous
architectural pursuits:
-Name of structure, location, date of
construction, purpose/function/use
-Describe the design decisions and
features of each structure in detail (use
images such as photographs and floor
This section should contain multiple slides.
Include images!
Teacher Comments
Your Opinion
 Why did you decide to research this
 Did you find them interesting? Why or
why not?
 How do you respond to their style of
architecture? Would you want to use their
style as inspiration in your designs?
 List at least 3 that you used (websites,
books, etc.)
 They do not have to be formatted
 You do not need sources for any images
you find
Visual Presentation (Slide Design)
 Creativity
 Layout
 text-to-image ratio
-Don’t overlay a text body on top of a
photograph (hard to read)
-Create contrast between your font and the
background (i.e. no yellow font on a white
-Don’t include too much text in your slides (use
bullet points, and only add what is necessary)
Spelling / Grammar
 Less than 2 obvious mistakes
 You may use sentence fragments (in
bullet-point format)
Oral Presentation
 Preparedness (you are encouraged to use
note cards!)
 Quality of content
 Presentation style (enthusiasm,
professionalism, flow)
 Pronunciation
 Appropriate length (3-5 minutes)