Increase of efficiency of process of extraction of oil from vegetative

Increase of efficiency of process of extraction of oil from vegetative raw material with
application of dioxide of carbon.
Zaur Meretukov, Evgenie Koshevoy
Maykop State Technological University,Universitetskaya str. 191, Maykop, Russia;
[email protected];89064387438;
Kuban State Technological University,Moscowskaya str. 2, Krasnodar, Russia
[email protected]
Abstract: The problems of increase of efficiency of extraction of components at processing
various on properties of vegetative raw material connected with necessity the increases in depth
of extraction, increases of intensity of processes, decrease in material and power expenses and as
development of clear technologies remain actual now. For the decision of these problems it is
necessary to use the complex approach for reception of new technical decisions, beginning from
preparation of raw material, preliminary and final process of reception of an end-product.
The technology of extraction provides deep extraction of target components from the
prepared vegetative raw material applying pressing and extraction. The basic problem in
extraction of vegetable oils is use of hydrocarbonic solvent - gasoline which not only the firedangerous and explosive, but also its rests in the taken oil do this product hazardous to health of
consumers. In the given work it is offered to pass to dioxide of carbon – highly-flying, harmless,
accessible and cheap solvent. Except for that dioxide of carbon can be completely removed from
an end-product that raises its ecological properties and value for the consumer.
In the offered scheme of manufacture of vegetable oil dioxide of carbon is used on the closed
cycle that provides decrease in expenses for output. It is necessary to note, that dioxide of carbon
can be applied during extraction of oil in the various phase condition defined by thermodynamic
conditions. Thus processes of extraction pass at a low temperature level that increases quality of
an end-product.
The offered scheme of manufacture can effectively work at the small, average and large
enterprises of reception of oils from vegetative raw material.
Use of dioxide of carbon as a working auxiliary component during extraction of vegetable
oils helps to solve a universal problem on its recycling after catching from an atmosphere.