sample letter in support of comprehensive cancer care improvement

Dear Representative:
As a lymphoma advocate with the Lymphoma Research Foundation and as your constituent,
I support efforts to ensure that all cancer patients have access to cancer care of high
quality. Expert reports have identified critical elements of a high quality cancer care system.
At the core of such a system is the coordination of active treatment with symptom
management. Patients who receive this kind of care experience the appropriate
management of the symptoms of cancer and its treatment at the same time they are
getting the best possible therapy for their disease.
Cancer treatment is often a very difficult experience, but steps can be taken to be sure that
the side effects of treatment are well managed. We are fortunate that Representatives Lois
Capps (D-CA) and Tom Davis (R-VA) have introduced legislation that takes important steps
toward reforming the cancer care system. The Capps-Davis bill would authorize Medicare
payment for services to plan and summarize cancer care and would also establish pilot
programs of coordinated care and systems for training cancer care specialists in
coordinating cancer care.
I urge you to lend your support to the Comprehensive Cancer Care Improvement Act, H.R.
5465. This bill represents a critical first step toward a better system of cancer care, and
your support of this measure is important to me and other cancer survivors.
Thank you in advance for considering this bill. I look forward to hearing that you will
support the Comprehensive Cancer Care Improvement Act.