Lower 6 GHz band assignment criteria

4th May 2001
Jim Phillipson
May 2001
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prRSSP 0201 010 0
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RSSP (02-01)/010
4 May 01
Lower 6 GHz band assignment criteria
In the course of preparing comments on the RA paper RSWG (02)/10
on W/U ratios at the boundary between the Lower and Upper 6 GHz
bands I chanced on a situation in Lower 6 GHz which is somewhat
I had already complained that the version of the Lower 6 GHz
assignment criteria on the RA web site had been formatted with links
to many of the tables etc making life difficult for anyone wishing to
have a printed copy.
Then I spotted that the RA reference number had been changed – the
draft considered by RSWG in February 2000 was RA 366, the published
document dated November 2000 is RA 374.
More importantly, there are many significant differences in the W/U
tables in Annex B. I can not recall any discussion on these tables after
the March RSWG. The minutes of that meeting state “Final document
and consolidated list of comments will be released .....”, but I have not
seen these.
I have produced some graphs which clearly show the differences
between the February and November versions of this document. At
one point the difference is 48 dB.
Can someone please explain how these differences arose – and which,
if any, version is correct?