Future Home Networks

Future Home Networks
IOP GenCom II project
by TU Delft and TU Eindhoven
Project leaders: I.G. Niemegeers & A.M.J. Koonen
Supported by
Philips Research, TI-WMC and TNO-ICT
Future Home Networks
Optical-backbone FHN:
Boneless FHN:
Low-cost optical-fibre infrastructure in a tree topology,
supporting multi-standard radio.
A in-home ad hoc network without backbone network to
interconnect the in-room network.
HCC, the intelligent centralized entity of FHN, controlling
every single air-interface, and enabling efficient and
reliable bridging and routing functionalities.
HCC, a gateway for the outside network and in-home
network, and with intelligent control and management
AAPs, connected to HCC via optical links, and fed with
Radio over-Fibre (RoF) microwave signals generated at
Via-s, the microwave transponder or radio relay pasted
on the walls and radiating RF signals across it.
• 4 PhD thesis and MANY international peer-reviewed
journal and conference publications (>50):
– Jing Wang (TU Delft): Home Networking at 60 GHz
– Bien Van Quang (TU Delft): Handoff Management in Radio over Fiber
60 GHz Indoor Networks
– Zulkuv Genc (TU Delft): Networking Technologies for Future Home
Networks Using 60 GHZ
– Hejie Yang (TU Eindhoven): Optical Techniques for Broadband InBuilding Networks
• A set of optical and wireless solutions, techniques and
protocols for Radio-over-Fiber and 60 GHz
• Opened perspectives for 5G in “indoor” environments
• 5G: 1000X more capacity, low delay, dynamic environment,
low energy
• ROF + 60 GHz targets and meets 5G requirements!
• Basis for a number of ongoing projects with ROF, POF-based,
networks, 60 GHz (e.g., MEANS, SOWICI) and 5G project(s)
under preparation
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