Ph 03 56 233 062 As you enter our spa you become the focus

A treat for your body.
Begin with an organicspa salt scrub to stimulate your
lymphatic system and slough off the dead skin cells to
leave a smooth & silky surface to your skin. Relaxation
will ensue after your divine scalp massage. Concluding
this beautiful treatment - a warm, nourishing moisturiser
will be massaged onto your body.
Organic Delight with 30min massage
with 60min massage
The organic treatment delight:
Sea mineral foot bath, half hour organic facial, and half hour
Ph 03 56 233 062
As you enter our spa you become the focus - the focus
of attention, absolute care and results driven
treatments empowering you to release your true
beauty hidden within. We welcome you to enjoy the
ultimate experience of this beautiful day spa.
Spa Packages
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30 mins
A facial treatment for your back.
Whilst steaming, we will gently exfoliate your back
using an organic salt scrub. Continuing the relaxation
we massage a clarifying mask onto your back to
enhance exfoliation & purification. Removing the mask
with hot towels we follow up with a revitalising
hydration mist and a balancing moisturiser to leave you
feeling refreshed.
Body Revive
45 mins
90 mins
A perfect pick me up for mums to be, beginning with a
ritual Sea Mineral Footbath, then - followed by a
relaxing organicspa facial and a deeply relaxing scalp
Relax and just melt…
Treatment also includes 3 full size certified organic
baby products to give baby the best start to beautiful
healthy skin.
Yummy Mummy
90 mins
This package is designed to recharge your batteries
after childbirth and lack of sleep.
We begin with a half hour back massage before a
customised facial treatment to suit your skins needs.
Finishing with your choice of either an express manicure
or express pedicure. An opportunity to escape and enjoy
some well-deserved pampering. And just so you feel
totally guilt free you will receive 3 full size certified
organic baby products.
Love Your Body
Stimulate your senses with a full body organic salt scrub,
you will then be cocooned whilst experiencing a lovely
express facial and scalp massage - follow with a warm
shower to cleanse away any stress. To complete the
pampering we will moisturise your entire body with a
warm body butter using massage strokes to entice
relaxation, rejuvenation and peace.
Whole Body Revitalise 2 hr 30 mins
Revitalise your whole body with a dry body brushing
then follow with an intensely hydrating herbal body
mask - as you are cocooned to allow the mask to
continue to nourish the skin, enjoy a signature
organicspa facial and scalp massage, followed by a
full body massage using hot oils Mmm…. To conclude
this beautiful treatment you can choose either a
customised manicure or pedicure.
Total Chill Out
Chill out totally with Aqua Therapy. For a full body
treat starting with an organicspa body scrub, full
body organic herbal wrap while receiving a beautiful
scalp massage (you will think you have died and gone
to heaven). then enjoy a cleansing shower with
warm water cascading over your entire body Relaxation is then taken to another level - by
allowing yourself to be escorted into a beautiful
warm room where you will bliss out further with a
warm body butter full body massage followed by a
delightful organicspa facial including a hand & arm
Ah!! What Day did you say it was?
Side DishesSide dishes can be added to any of
our packages to enhance your experience.
Magnet Eyes
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