My room is filled to the brim with thought, inspiration, beauty, truth

My room is filled to the brim with thought, inspiration, beauty, truth, and hope.
The walls are several different colors, one turquoise, one lime green, and one orange.
They are decorated with many different things from magazine cut-outs to inspirational
quotes and truths. For example, on one wall, I have fashion cutouts from both magazines
and catalogs alike, as well as pictures from moments in my life that I never want to
forget. On another wall, I have some cute comics. On every wall, there is a picture or a
work of art that represents the beauty of the ocean and the tropics, which is my room’s
them. I love the tropics very much so to help me feel at “home”, I have a decorative fish
net hanging up, with some shells resting inside of it. On my dresser, there are bamboo
placemats which keep off dust. I also have shells strewn about them, as well and an
Aqua Block, which is a decorative fish tank that serves as a lovely habitat for my pet
beta, named Scarlet.
Whenever I am in my room, I just look at its colorful walls and I am able to drift
off to my beloved beach with white sand and turquoise waters. To entertain this relaxing
state of mind even more, I like to put on some Caribbean style music, complete with steel
drums, as well as light a tropical smelling candle.