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Unit 1 Critical Thinking A.Velesky

Audrey Velesky
Unit 1 Critical Thinking
1. Why do we study art? What benefits can we gain from studying art?
We study art since it teaches us about the past. Studying art gives us knowledge about
how people lived, events that took place, and cultures that existed in the past.
Additionally, art is important to other parts of life, such as religion, and art is also
involved in the design of things that serve specific functions.
2. Does art have to be beautiful? Why or why not?
Art does not have to be beautiful because art is personal. One of the reasons people create
art is to express themselves and their emotions. Art gives humans a way to fulfill the
desire to interact with their surroundings and their imaginations. Also, beauty is
3. The unit has an image of The Cross of Lothair. Describe what categories or types of
art this piece fits into. Why do you think this piece was created?
The Cross of Lothair is decorative art because it is an art piece that serves a purpose; it is
used in worship rituals. This piece was created for religious purposes as it is used in
church services. The creators believed it would help people to worship more effectively
because of the object’s beauty and the rare materials used in its creation.
4. What are three reasons art is created? Discuss each reason.
As well as for reasons of personal expression and fulfillment, art can be created to make
money and/or political statements and also to convey information. Many artists create art
in order to make a living through selling their pieces. Some even work for commission,
which is when a customer requests that an artist make a piece, which is then bought by
the customer. Political propaganda can take the form of art; many artists use their skills in
order to influence the perspectives of others on political subjects. Lastly, in much the
same way, art can be used to display information in an eye-catching way. This is a helpful
application of art because it is accessible to those who cannot understand writing.
5. How does art influence your life? (Think about aspects such as creating art, art
found in your home or places you visit, visual arts such as photographs and motion
pictures, and so on.)
While I am not a regular creator of art, I do consume art on a daily basis. I like to dress
up, and fashion is a form of art. I see a lot of visual art on social media platforms, such as
photos and digital pieces that I enjoy each day. Additionally, there are many objects that I
own that can be considered decorative artworks.