Richard III Letter of Commitment

Letter of Commitment
As a cast or crew member you:
 Understand the schedule
 Agree to be at required rehearsals and performances
 Will turn in all known conflicts to the stage manager as soon as you
 Have no conflicts, of any kind (including regularly scheduled
conflicts), accepted beginning January 13, 2014 for actors and
January 24, 2014 for crew.
 More than 1 unexcused absence will remove you from the show
 Have discussed commitment & expectations of production with
 Will communicate relevant medical history confidentially to the
 Will never be under the influence of any illegal substances during
rehearsals, work calls, or performances
 Will talk to the directors ASAP if family or academic duties need
more attention – eligibility reports will be received weekly
 Understand that actors will be expected to move set pieces and props
as needed
 Understand actors may be asked to bring or purchase costume and/or
make-up items
 Will communicate financial needs to the directors in a timely manner
 Understand theatre is a physical world & physical demands will be
 Know that Saturdays are a day for technical work on the show
o Crews expected, cast invited - We ask for your help
 Understand that publicity is the way to get audiences to our show
We ask for your help in publicizing the show
 Will strive for professionalism
Our definition of professionalism includes:
 Being on time (if you will be more than 5 minutes late call SM)
 Leaving worries of the world behind when entering the theatre doors
 Being prepared
 Being focused
 Having lines and music memorized by deadline
 Meeting all deadlines
 Treating props and set pieces with respect at all times (they are
valuable property) Only coming in contact with props and set pieces
if appropriate and assigned
 Being supportive of fellow cast & crew members (we all want the best
 No drinking, eating, or smoking in costume (careful use of water
 Doing your job and letting others do their job
The directors’ commitment to you:
Use your time as best we can
End and begin at scheduled times
Provide guidance for your artistic growth
Treat you as professionals-in-training
Communicate our expectations clearly
When a professional atmosphere is compromised you will be asked to go
above and beyond your commitment to gain what was lost. Writing out
lines, meeting at lunch, rehearsals on Saturdays, and working in the theatre
to keep it organized and clean are some of the extra tasks that may be asked
of you.
United we stand
Divided we fall
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