Cloning extinct animals: Student Worksheet

Cloning extinct animals: Student Worksheet
Step 1: Access this interactive that
illustrates the principles of cloning the nowextinct Tasmanian tiger.
Step 2: Record each of your choices as you
work through the instructions on the activity.
This can be done using a table inserted into
a Microsoft Word document.
You should also include a brief explaination
of why you made those choices.
Step 3: Use a search tool such as Google and conduct an Internet search on the
costs of cloning. Select two (2) newspaper articles published in the last 24 months
on the topic of the cost of cloning.
Hint: Many search tools can filter results to show just news articles. In Google, you
can also sort your results to show the most recent ones first (or last).
Step 4: Use a suitable formating style in a Microsoft Word document to record for
each of the articles you selected:
The article name, the publication date, and the newspaper in which they were
A brief summary of the contents of the article
The source of the information used in the article
Step 5: Write a Letter to the Editor of one of the newspapers you’ve selected. In 30
to 50 words, state why you agree or disagree with the article that was published.
You must mention information from the other article you selected in Step 3 above.
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