April 20, 2010
9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Regional Transportation Commission of So. Nevada
600 S. Grand Central Parkway, Room 296
Las Vegas, Nevada
Members in Attendance:
Vicki Adams, City of North Las Vegas
Paul Andricopulos, City of Henderson
Mauricia Baca, Outside Las Vegas
Erin Breen, UNLV/Safe Communities
William Cadwallader, Nellis AFB
Polly Carolin, RTC
Mike Colety, Kimley-Horn
Connie Diso, City of Las Vegas
Jerry Duke, RTC
Toni Ellis, City of North Las Vegas
Randy Fultz, City of Las Vegas
Nathan Goldberg, City of Las Vegas
Scott Hagen, Clark County
Mike Janssen, City of Las Vegas
Tracy Larkin Thomason, Nevada Department of Transportation
Tony Letizia, Nevada Department of Transportation
Greg McDermott, City of Las Vegas
Michelle Menart, City of North Las Vegas
Diane Phomninh, City of Las Vegas
Dennis Taylor, Nevada Department of Transportation
Jason VanHavel, Nevada Department of Transportation
Item 1: Introductions
Jerry Duke opened the meeting with introductions and covered items 2 though 5 using a powerpoint
presentation. The purpose of the presentation was to review the history of alternate mode planning in
Clark County, to define terms, and to establish the purpose of and rationale for the planning effort.
Item 2: History of Walking and Biking Initiatives
Item 3: Getting People to Walk and Bike
 Trip Making Facts
 Reasons to Bike and Walk
 Key Factors Influencing Biking and Walking
Item 4: Facility Status – Where Are We Today?
Item 5: Getting Started
 Mission Statement
BPE Goals
Proposed Areas of Focus
Selection of Topics/Sequencing
Item 6: Setting the Agenda for the Next Meeting
1. Alternative Mode System Modification
2. Planning Information and Data
3. Funding/Prioritization
Before the next meeting, participants were asked to review goals and mission/vision, roadway standards,
and focus areas, so they may comment and make recommendations for changes. Mr. Duke reported that
the RTC is identifying gaps in the bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and the characteristics of those gaps.
The next meeting was planned for June 8, 2010, at 10:00 a.m. at the RTC.
Item 7: Questions and Comments
It was recommended that Marketing be added to the Encouragement focus area. There was much
discussion about working with agency Public Information Officers to create a coordinated marketing
campaign for the “non-spandex” rider. A need for end of trip facilities was identified. It was noted that
bicycles do not come with baskets anymore, nor can they be purchased in local stores or on line. This
makes it difficult, if not impossible to use a bicycle for shopping.
Item 8: Adjourn