TK Stone Middle School Dress Code

TK Stone Middle School Dress Code
The following are the guidelines for TK Stone school attire:
No headwear (hats, bandanas, etc)
No sleeveless, tank, spaghetti strap, or halter tops
No tight or revealing tops
No clothing that promotes drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, violence, gangs or vulgarity
No torn clothing, see-through clothing, or clothing with holes
No heavy chains, dog collars or other jewelry that can be deemed dangerous or
No tattoos, facial piercings, or ear gauging allowed (traditional ear piercing is permitted)
No items of underwear may be worn as outerwear at any time.
No shorts/miniskirts can be shorter than the top of a student’s knees
No cutoff, side slits, tight biker shorts, baggy clothing that can result in indecent
exposure (Slacks and shorts should be worn at the waistline.)
No sweat pants, wind suit, nylon, velour or knit athletic pants or shorts
No coats may be worn inside the classroom.
Individual expression by hairstyle and color should not be disruptive to the educational
process. Hair should be a normal color (blonde, brunette, red or black). Hairstyles should be
maintained by what the staff feels is clean and a non-disruptive style.
If a teacher feels that a clothing style is in violation of the dress code or substantially
disruptive to the education process, the teacher will follow the policies outlined under
T.K. Stone’s discipline policies. This will involve having the student alter the style or
call the parents for a change of clothing. The right to wear particular types of clothing
may be taken away from students who violate the dress policy. Our dress code is based
upon common sense and reason. If you are in doubt concerning what may or may not be
worn to school, ask your teacher, your counselor, or a principal. They will be glad to
A dress policy cannot be written to address every situation presented. This policy is not
intended to be an exclusive list of permitted or prohibited items of dress. If a student's dress
and appearance is, in the opinion of school authorities, inappropriate for our school
environment, the student will be instructed to correct the problem before attending class. If a
question arises about an item of dress, or if a student or parent wants to question
whether or not an item is appropriate, the Dress Code Committee may meet to decide
whether the item is appropriate.