exercises on Oxford prep for TOEIC (green book)

Oxford Preparation for the TOEIC (green book)
pp.93-94-95 Practice Test 2 PART 2
The teacher will give you the question . You are student A and will read answer A to the
Question 21 …
a) The mayor will arrive tomorrow
Question 22
a) We packed it ourselves
Question 23
a) I received them in the mail this morning.
Question 24
a) No, the paper didn’t arrive
Question 25
a) The accounting group still has them
Question 26
a) I have over fifty varieties of plants
Question 27
a) I will, my car is right outside
Question 28
a) I don’t like modern art
Question 29
a) She traded in her car last year
Question 30
a) The store wants to empty the shelves
Question 31
a) The lectures are very helpful
Question 32
a) Good idea. I’m starved.
Question 33
a) The last stop is Tokyo Central Station
Question 34
a) The number is 568-0879
Question 35
a) Mary O’Donnell asked some very good questions
Question 36
a) I’ll pick them up this afternoon
Question 37
a) It’s only a headache
Question 38
a) Let’s have an early meal
Question 39
a) At the most, it’s five minutes by car
Question 40
a) More than 1000 people are expected
Question 41
a) It was the best I’ve ever seen
Question 42
a) Yes, it will be very useful
Question 43
a) The gate agents are boarding the flight
Question 44
a) I walked to work
Question 45
a) I arrived at 10 minutes past 8
Question 46
a) The view is beautiful at sunset
Question 47
a) Yes, at least for a few days
Question 48
a) It didn’t show enough profit.
Question 49
a) The store is closed today
Question 50
a) Let me give you the number of mine
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