Oxford Toeic prep green book part C

Oxford Preparation for the TOEIC (green book)
pp.93-94-95 Practice Test 2 PART 2
The teacher will give you the question . You are student C and will read answer C to the class.
Question 21 …
c) After the president’s remarks
Question 22
c) George can do it after lunch
Question 23
c) We went to Spain together last year
Question 24
c) Yes she surprised us at the door
Question 25
c) My cabin is on the port side
Question 26
c) I’ll be gone from August 12 to August 21
Question 27
c) His plane already took off.
Question 28
c) We arrive by ship
Question 29
c) I don’t think she has decided yet
Question 30
c) The sale is already over
Question 31
c) It will only take half a day
Question 32
c) It’s made with wheat
Question 33
c) It will land at Frankfurt International airport
Question 34
c) They sell phone cards next door
Question 35
c) It was taped yesterday
Question 36
c) I’ll put them on my credit card
Question 37
c) I want to be an actor
Question 38
c) I’m so full I can’t eat another bite
Question 39
c) It is one of the top hotels in the area
Question 40
c) We just finished the last one
Question 41
c) It should be very good
Question 42
c) No, she isn’t very organized
Question 43
c) Our policy expires at the end of the month
Question 44
c) Richard can help you
Question 45
c) She’s never late
Question 46
c) I’m available all week
Question 47
c) I saw her briefly in Athens
Question 48
c) The pilot ejected from the plane
Question 49
c) We’ll equip the team with new rackets
Question 50
c) Our insurance doesn’t cover dental work