Chapter 22 Essentials

Chapter 22: Descent with Modification- A Darwinian View of Life
Intro- natural selection, evolutionary adaptation, evolution
22.1 The Darwinian revolution challenged traditional views of a young Earth inhabited
by unchanging species
 Lamarck’s Theory of Evolution- Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck, use and
disuse, inheritance of acquired characteristics
Concept Check- 2
22.2 In The Origin of Species, Darwin proposed that species change through natural
 The Origin of Species- descent with modification, artificial selection,
Ernst Mayr, three inferences, five observations, populations possess an
enormous reproductive potential, populations tend to be stable in size,
resources are limited, individuals compete for survival, no two individuals
are exactly alike, much variation is heritable, only the most “fit”
individuals will survive, evolution occurs as advantageous traits
 Artificial Selection- artificial selection
 Summary of Natural Selection- natural selection, adaptation, fitness
Concept Check- 1,2
22.3 Darwin’s theory explains a wide range of observations
 The Evolution of Drug Resistant HIV
 Homology, Biogeography, and the Fossil Record- homology, homologous
structures, divergent evolution, comparative embryology, ontology,
phylogeny, vestigial organs, biogeography, convergent evolution,
analogous structures, fossil record
Concept Check- 1,2,3
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