Fuwairit Archaeological Fieldwork Preparation - 15lgmLara

Fuwairit Archaeological Fieldwork Preparation
Architecture of Historic Qatar
Comprehension Questions
1. What have been the three main influences on the architecture in Qatar?
The three main influences are topography, climate and culture.
2. Describe the general look of the traditional Qatari home. Be sure to describe the layout of
the home, both internally and externally.
Traditional homes were homogenous in all their major features. Most homes had one
storey but larger homes with wealthier families sometimes had a second floor. The major
feature of a traditional house, were like tents. Some Qataris still live in the tents.
3. What is the name of the courtyard? How was is used differently in the summer than the
It was called the horsh. In the summer it was used to escape the heat with the thick walls,
and during the winter it was used to sleep in so that people can escape the cold.
4. What aspect of the building construction helped to keep the house cool during the summer
There were thick walls which kept keep the heat out during the hot days.
5. What was used as the main construction material of these houses?
Local stone and more rarely, mud bricks these construction materials were easily used.
6. How was timber (wood) used within the construction of the home?
The timber would be used to create doors, windows and shutters. Mostly rich families would
get it from Africa or India. Some people would get designs on the door but that would as
well be only rich families because at that time it was expensive.
7. Describe the use and design of windows.
They were carved into the window or were decorated by brass sheets.
8. How was ventilation of the house achieved?
The ceiling was keep the warmth out of the house so it would be cool, at night most people
went out to sleep so that they could get there cool breezes from the wind blowing.
9. Describe the construction of roofs and floors.
Roofs were flat because there is hardly and rainfall. Celin supporst were laid in different
patterns. Floors had carpets that had different types of designs.
10. Compare the construction of these historic homes to the construction of modern homes in
Qatar. How are they similar? How are they different? (Consider the building materials and
architectural styles)
Nowadays the houses are built with cement and there are a lot of air conditioners.