Flash Fiction Day 2

Today’s Prompt
An Infatuated OS
In the not so distant future, wealthier families
live in homes with superior technology. These
“smart homes,” as their called, have operating
systems with artificial intelligence. Tell us about
an operating system that has a crush on his/her
Today’s Readings
• Possession by John Smolens
• Forty Four Goats by Simon Harris
Today’s Activity
• Grab a magazine and choose a photo. (Preferably one with people, but
not too many words)
• From the picture, you should make as many assumptions as possible
about the person or people in them.
• Make up a concise story about who that person is, where they come
from in life, their background, what they are doing in this particular
picture, or anything else. They should feel free to be as creative as they
want, and make up as much as possible.
• Once this is done, the stories will be shared.
Writing Task
•From the character you created today,
write a short story that is between 300
and 500 words.
•It’s due at the end of class.