LITURGY RESOURCES - Diocese of Ripon and Leeds

Common Worship:
Praying for the Dawn, (see above) is a useful resource book for the ministry of healing
Wild Goose Publications
Ruth Burgess & Kathy Galloway (eds)
published 2000 reprinted 2007
price £13.50 from Oasis or available on loan from the diocesan office. There is permission to copy the
liturgy for several hundred copies for church use.
Other titles available from the diocesan office Learning Resource Centre are listed
Category: Healing (Shelf L)
Wounds that heal; Theology, imagination and health
Jonathan Baxter
One new humanity: The challenge of aids
Anne Bayley
Praying for the dawn: A resource book for the ministry of healing
A Time to Heal: A contribution towards the ministry of healing
Ruth Burgess &
Kathy Galloway
A Time to Heal: The development of good practice – A Handbook
Jesus healing works and ours
Ian Cowie
Prayers and ideas for healing services
Ian Cowie
Jesus the healer
Stevan L. Davies
An unquiet mind: A memoir of moods and madness
Kay Redfield Jamison
The Christian healing ministry
The wounded healer: In our woundedness, we can become a source
of life for others.
Morris Maddocks
Alive and kicking: Towards a practical theology of illness & healing
Stephen Pattison
Healing wounded history: reconciling peoples and healing places
Russ Parker
The challenge of Christian healing
Stephen Parsons
Prayers for health and healing
Henri Nouwen
Hospital Chaplaincy in the 21st century: Crisis of spiritual care in the NHS
Christopher Swift
The Broken Body: Journey to wholeness
Jean Vanier
Exclusion and embrace: A theological exploration of identity, otherness
and reconciliation
Miroslav Volf
The Bible and healing; A medical & theological commentary
John Wilkinson
Reflections on Spirituality and health
Stephen G Wright
Pastoral Care (Shelf M)
City of God
Nicholas Bradbury
Brief Encounters: Pastoral Ministry through the occasional offices
Wesley Carr
Faith or fear; A reading in pastoral care and counseling
Michael Jacobs
Take back your life: Recovering from cults and abusive relationships
Janja Lalich and
Madeleine Tobias
Tend my flock; Sustaining good pastoral care
Kate Lichfield
Pastoral care and liberation theology
Stephen Pattison
Listening to the voice within; A Jungian approach to pastoral care
Christopher Perry
Pastoral prayer ministry training
Mary Pytches and
Prue Bedwell
Making peace with conflict; Practical skills for conflict transformation
Carolyn Schrock-Shenk
Building a church for strangers
John Swinton
Seeing beyond depression
Jean Vanier
The Blackwell reader in pastoral and practical theology
James Woodward and
Stephen Pattison
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