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Abstract format for VI Baltic Genetics Congress 2015 (BGC 2015)
A. Author1, B. Author2
Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Tartu, Riia St. 23, Tartu, Estonia
Institute of B. Author
E-mail: [email protected]
Keywords: CBM 2014, abstract, formatting, MS Word document
Please follow the guidelines below to format your abstract. Use the Template styles of this
document for your abstract. Page size is set to A4 portrait; margins are: 4 cm top, 2.7 cm from
bottom, 2.5 cm from right and left. No page numbers, paragraph indents or footnotes should
be added. Times New Roman font is used throughout the document. Save the document in
MS Word .doc or .docx format or OpenDocument .odt format.
Title should be in bold, 16 pt font, and use “Abstract title” style there. No free line after
Authors should be written as their Name’s initial. + Surname. Underline presenting author.
Use style “Authors” for entering all of the authors. Numbers in superscript are used to
associate affiliations to authors.
Affiliations should be in italics. Each affiliation starts with its index as a number in
subscript. Please provide institute name and postal address. If there is more than one
affiliation – place each affiliation in separate line. Use style “affiliations” to format this part.
Insert a blank line after the last affiliation.
Contacts only of presenting author should be stated. Use style “addresses”. Do not insert a
blank line after the contacts.
Provide up to 8 keywords or phrases. Do not insert a blank line after the keywords
(“keywords” style formatting already contains empty place after the address line).
Abstract body is formatted using “Body Char” style. Size of the letters is 12 pt. The text
length of your abstract body (excluding title, authors, etc.) should be 2000 characters
(including spaces) at maximum. No figures or tables are accepted. If references are included,
please use numbered references style (Vancouver system) [1]. References are added as list at
the very end of abstract, use style “Reference” there. Keep references short- write author
surname + name’s initial, year of publication, journal (abbreviated), series and page numbers.
Leave one line blank after last text line of abstract.
Set acknowledgements as a separate section. Use style “Acknowledgements” here. Leave
one line blank after last text line of acknowledgement section.
[1] International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, 1988, BMJ 296, 401-5