I will do what God says Object Lesson

Object Lesson – Week 2 – Thanks for nothing!
Object needed: Plate of Donuts
Have donuts ready and waiting in a nice arrangement on a plate for the leader giving the object
lesson. It is best to have someone set up the object lesson while everyone else is going over the
memory verse.
Wow! Who left these up here?! Thank whoever set them up and grab a donut and hold it up and
wave it around as you talk. I can’t tell you how much I love donuts! I mean I love ALL donuts
but I especially love Krispy Kreme donuts! (You don’t have to have actual Krispy Kreme donuts.
It just gives you something to talk about for a minute) Have you ever had a Krispy Kreme donut?
One of my favorite things to do is to go into Krispy Kreme when the HOT light is on. Do any of
you ever get to do that? I could probably eat a whole dozen all by myself when they are hot. If
you’ve never gone when the HOT light is on, I suggest you try it. There’s nothing like it!
Not that there is anything wrong with these donuts. I mean I’m thankful for any donut; HOT
Krispy Kreme, COLD Krispy Kreme, Publix donuts, Donut Chef donuts, Daylight donuts, it
makes no difference to me I’m just thankful….for….. Pause and look at the donuts as if there is
something wrong. Hey what’s up with these donuts?!
Look toward the other leaders and kids and say, “Did you guys notice that part of this donut is
missing?” There is actually a hole in the middle of this donut! There is no center! Pick up another
donut. There’s a hole in this one too! And this one and this one too! Someone put holes in all of
these donuts. I can’t eat these! What’s the big idea?!
I know I said I’m thankful for any donut but these donuts have holes in them! How can I be
thankful when I didn’t get the whole thing? Inevitably, the kids will be shouting that there are
always holes in donuts. Look at them as if you just heard them. What? Are you telling me that
donuts always have holes in them? Oh yeah! I guess I forgot.
For a second there, I guess I didn’t sound too thankful, did I? I’m sorry. You know, when we
receive something from someone, it’s very important that we don’t forget to say thank you. The
same thing is true of the things we receive from God. The best way to show our thankfulness to
God is through prayer. When we pray, or talk to God, it’s very important that we don’t forget to
say thank you to Him too. Sometimes, though, we are so busy concentrating on what ISN’T there
that we lose sight of what IS there, kind of like my little donut incident a minute ago. I’m so
Sadly, some people go through life noticing what they are missing and they never really notice
the good things they do have. Our lesson this morning is about looking at “the doughnut and not
the hole.” It reminds us to see the many good things in life we do have. That’s important to do as
we go through life and it’s especially important for us to give thanks to God for all that IS there
instead of complaining about what ISN’T there.
Now, on the count of three, let’s shout out today’s main point. 1, 2, 3!
We pray to give thanks to GOD!!!