How to prevent food poisoning_1A Leanne Wu


We can always hear news about food poisoning. To prevent this problem, we should be careful in purchasing, processing and storage of food. Here are some of my suggestions.

In purchasing food, we should not buy food with strange smell. Always check the expiry date of pre-packed or canned food. We should not buy food from illegal hawkers either.

On the other hand, we should handle the food with care. If we don’t handle them carefully, they may be contaminated by bacteria. Therefore we need to wash and clean them thoroughly. We should also use different knives and chop boards for raw food and cooked food.

Moreover, food should be stored properly.

We should keep them in the refrigerator after opening. We should separate the raw food from the cooked food. The leftovers should be kept in refrigerator. And before eating, we need to cook them thoroughly. We should not keep the leftovers for a long time. We also need to check the temperature of the refrigerator.

If we take good care of food hygiene, we won’t get food poisoning easily.

By 1A, Leanne Wu