How to prevent food poisoning_1A Denny Sin

We can always hear news about food poisoning. To prevent this problem, we
should be careful in purchasing, processing and storage of food. Here are some of
my suggestions.
When we buy food, we should check the expiry
date of the food. We should not buy the food with
a strange smell. Instead, we should buy the fresh
one, which is well covered. We should not buy food
from the illegal hawkers.
On the other hand, we should handle the food with care. We should use
different knives and chop boards for raw and cooked food. We should cook and
clean the food thoroughly. We may soak the
vegetables for an hour to remove the toxic chemicals.
Moreover, food should be stored properly. The
raw and cooked food should be separated. We
should store the opened canned fish in the fridge and
check the temperature of the fridge regularly.
If we take care of food hygiene, we won’t get food poisoning easily.
By 1A, Denny Sin