Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club - Angling Section Meeting Minutes

Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club – Angling Section
Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club (Angling Section)
Wednesday 8th January 2014
Mason’s Bar, Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club
Ray Bruce (Vice Rear Commodore)
Terry Bell
Attendance :
As recorded in attendance book
Gary Bell
Graeme Cole
Lynn Malone
Andy Cass
Mick Mason
Eric Leigh
Richard Wakeford
Peter Osborne
New Members: Andrew Gilbert
The meeting was opened at 8:00pm
Minutes of Previous Meeting
The minutes of the last meeting, held on Wednesday 4th December 2013, were circulated. It
was noted that the Secretary had had some fun with the fish record names. The corrections
were noted, and with those changes, the minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record.
Terry Bell
Francis McKeown
Matters Arising
Correspondence In
Nil – Secretary absent.
Correspondence Out
Nil – Secretary absent.
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Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club – Angling Section
Boat Fishing Report
Joe Gauci summarised the last Boat competition, held on Saturday 21st December 2013. A
vote was held, since the weather was a little inclement. The vote result was to hold the
competition and 8 boats with 18 competitors signed on. The Men’s was won by Daniel Bell
with 8 species 2 heaviest, the Ladies winner was Carmen Irwin with species 5 heaviest, whilst
the Veterans winner was Dennis Robert, with 4 species 3 heaviest. It was noted with
disappointment that no Juniors or Mini Juniors fished.
Joe added that poor weather saw the January competition cancelled, and that his report would
be tabled in the Club magazine
The following items were also raised:
a) Hessian bags are being purchased by the section for sale to members, particularly thise
that don’t have a cloth based bag at the weigh-in
b) Members were reminded to organise their accommodation for the Jurien competition
c) New species sponsors:
a. Emperor – Rose and Rolly Buegge
b. Queen Snapper – Joe Gauci
Beach Fishing Report
Dean Bruce reported that the last beach fishing competition was held on the 7th and 8th
December 2013, although he didn’t attend himself. 12 Men weighed in, with Joe Wettinger
prevailing with 7 species and 2 heaviest. It was noted that the next competition will be held
on the 18th and 19th January 2014.
Some discussion was had on the Wagoe away trip, and it was agreed Dean would book around
6 cabins if possible.
Mid-Month Fishing Report
Chris Gaston reminded members of the date for the next event. Modesty prevented Chris
mentioning that he won the Men’s in the last event, with his wife Bronwyn winning the Ladies
and daughter Georgia the Juniors.
Safety Report
Nil – Safety Officer absent.
Terry Bell advised that there were two new record claims, which will be submitted once
photos are printed.
Fund Raising
No fund raising was conducted, on account of the Angling meals night being over Christmas.
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Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club – Angling Section
Management Report
It was noted that the Club Management meeting was being held on the same night as this
meeting, due to the New Year holiday, and as such no management committee members were
Feedback to Management
Special Events
The following Special events were raised:
13.1 State Boat Championships. Shirts were discussed, and it was agreed that no sponsor
would be sought, instead Joe Gauci would take orders for a special print of suitable shirts for
those who wanted them.
13.2 Jurien Bay Competition. Reminder to book accommodation yourself as the club is not
arranging this.
13.3 Mandurah. Graeme Smith has arranged for the 29th March 2014. 12 pens have been
booked for the Friday and Saturday nights. Members were encouraged to attend, as in the past
this has been a fantastic social and fishing weekend.
13.4 State Beach and Rock Championships. To be held in the Cape to Cape region in May
2014. Need to start getting organised as the area is not that familiar to our club.
AAA Meeting Feedback
Peter Osborne was absent, but Joe Gauci provided some summary information. He noted that
there had been a very significant fine handed out ($20k) plus loss of boat for a serious
crayfishing offence. He also updated the meeting on a member of the public who had applied
for a record for a Pink Snapper, but who had noted on the application form the date of capture,
which was revealed to be in the demersal closure period. He was subsequently prosecuted.
Joe also mentioned that the AAA was trying to think of ways to combat fishers pegging out
good fishing spots before AAA State Championships. It was agreed that, whilst having all
competitors attend the sign-on helped, it still didn’t prevent competitor’s friends taking up
spots earlier and reserving them for AAA competitors
General Business
15.1 It was agreed that beer sold at the Boat weigh-ins should be provided through the bar,
rather than purchased elsewhere.
15.2 In response to a question, the amnesty period for nomination fees for member’s
siblings was clarified.
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Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club – Angling Section
Next Meeting
Wednesday 5th February 2014 at the Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club at 8:00pm.
Meeting closed at 8:53pm
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