new book acquisitions

New Book Acquisitions:
Adams, Home and hegemony
Agosta, Thieves, deceivers, and killers
Alberts, B. Molecular biology of the cell, 4e [2 copies]
Alexander, Feminist genealogies, colonial legacies, democratic futures
Alligood, Chaos: an introduction to dynamical systems
Alsharhan, Hydrology of an arid region : the Arabian Gulf and adjoining areas
Arida, Quantum city
Atlas, J. Microbial ecology...
Baird, G. The architectural expression of environmental control systems
Baker, Daylight design of buildings
Barenblatt, Scaling, self-similarity, and intermediate asymptotics
Bass, M. Fiber optics handbook...
Basu, The challenge of local feminisms
Bearman, The Encyclopaedia of Islam - XI - V-Z
Begon, M. Population ecology...
Berg, Biochemistry (5 ed.)
Bernstein (Ed.), Pioneers and homemakers : Jewish women in pre-state Israel
Blankenship, R. Molecular mechanisms of photosynthesis
Brebbia, Design and nature: comparing design in nature with science and engineering
Brebbia, The sustainable city II
Brettell, C. Migration theory : talking across disciplines
Bryman, Quantitative data analysis with SPSS release 8 for windows
Buchaman, Biochemistry & molecular biology of plants [2 copies]
Bull (ed), Dryland rivers: Hydrology and geomorphology of semi-arid channels
Bunde, A. The science of disasters : climate disruptions, heart attacks, and market
Bystvdzienski, J. Forging radical alliances across difference : coalition politics for the new
Camazine, Self-organization in biological systems
Cantwell, Introduction to symmetry analysis
Chakrabarty, D. Provincializing Europe : postcolonial thought and historical difference
Chung, A course in probability theory
Cloete, Microbial community analysis : the key to the design of biological wastewater treatment
Coleman, DC Invertebrates as webmasters in ecosystems
Compagno, Intelligent glass facades
Conrad, Natural resource economics
Cook, Commanding right and forbidding wrong in Islamic thought
Cook, The paradox of contemporary architecture
Crawley, Plant Ecology, 2 ed.
Crewe, E. Whose development?
Cunliffe, B. The extraordinary voyage of Pytheas the Greek
Davis, Theory of Solidification
Delleur, The Handbook of Groundwater Engineering
Donovan, Spreadsheet exercises in conservation biology and landscape ecology
Drazin, Introduction to hydrodynamic stability
Dresch, A history of modern Yemen
Dresselhaus, M. Carbon nanotubes : synthesis, structure, properties, and applications
Durffie, J. Solar engineering of thermal processes
Eaton, Ideal cities
Escobal, PR Aquatic systems engineering : devices and how they function
Escrig, Towers and domes
Esman, M. Carrots, sticks, and ethnic conflict : rethinking development assistance
Ferguson, The anti-politics machine
Fernandez-Galiano, L. Fire and memory : on architecture and energy
Follett, RF Nitrogen in the environment...
Gardner, K. Anthropology, development and the post-modern challenge
Greenfield, Signalers and receivers
Gressel, Molecular biology of weed control
Griffith, B. The gardens of their dreams
Grime, Plant strategies, vegetation processes, and ecosystem properties (2nd ed.)
Groat, Architectural research methods
Gurevitch, The ecology of plants
Hakim, Arabic-Islamic Cities
Hare, P. Kressel, G. Israel as center stage : a settling for social and religious enactments
Harris, P. Carbon nanotubes and related structures...
Hawkes, D. The selective environment : an approach to environmentally responsive
Huang, Aquatic chemistry
Hummel, Handbook of optical properties - Vol. II
Hunter, Foundations of Colloid Science (2 ed.)
Ibragimov, Elementary lie group analysis and ordinary differential equations
Jabbour, Electronic, optical and optoelectronic polymers and oligomers
Jefferson, The sustainable street
Jones, Architecture and the environment
Jordan, DW Mathematical techniques...
Kadish, K. Fullerenes...
Kalos, Monte Carlo methods
Keddy, Competition (2nd ed.)
Khan, Calcium oxalate in biological systems
Kling, Advanced Monte Carlo for radiation physics, particle transport simulation and applications
Kocher, T Molecular systematics of fishes
Kondratyev, KY Environmental disasters : anthropogenic and natural
Krasnov, B. Mazor, E. The Makhteshim Country : a laboratory of nature : geological and
ecological studies in the desert region of Israel
Kressel, G. Descent through males
Kubo, R. Statistical mechanics...
Kuhn, The Essential John Nash
Lajtha, K. Stable isotopes in ecology and environmental science
Lambers, Plant physiological ecology
Lapidus, A history of Islamic societies
Lawson, T. Fundamentals of aquacultural engineering
Lea (Ed.), Plant Nitrogen
Lerner, HR Plant responses to environmental stresses...
Leyser, Mechanisms in plant development
Lithwick, An Urban Development Strategy for the Negev's Bedouin Community
Locock, Meaningful architecture
Low, Why Sex Matters : a Darwinian look at human behavior
Lyklema, Fundamentals of interface and colloid science - Vol. 1 - 3
Madigan, Brock Biology of microorganisms
Maier, Environmental microbiology
Mayer, Women and the Israeli occupation
McCarthy, Manipulation of groundwater colloids for environmental restoration
Metcalf, Wastewater engineering (4th ed.)
Minke, G. Earth construction handbook
Mohanty, Third world women and the politics of feminism
Motzafi-Haller, Fragmented worlds, coherent lives
Muus, B. Freshwater fish
Nalwa, HS Nanostructured materials and nanotechnology
Nasar, A beautiful mind
Negev, A. The architecture of Obada
Nevo, Cyanoprocaryotes and algae of continental Israel
Niems, Laser-tissue interactions (2nd ed.)
Noga, E. Fish disease : diagnosis and treatment
Pagel, Encyclopedia of evolution - vol. 1-2
Peletier, Spatial patterns
Pessarakli, Handbook of plant and crop physiology
Pessarakli, Handbook of plant and crop stress
Peteet, Gender in crisis
Pigliucci, Denying evolution
Pigliucci, Phenotypic plasticity
Rabl, A. Active solar collectors and their applications
Raghavendra, AS Photosynthesis: a comprehensive treatise
Rai, LC Algal adaptation to environmental stresses...
Ridley, Evolution
Robbins, CT Wildlife feeding and nutrition
Roger, M. Handbook of plant ecophysiology techniques
Rubinstein, Isaak Electro-diffusion of ions
Saito, R. Physical properties of carbon nanotubes
Scherge, Biological micro- and nano-tribology
Schohat, E. Forbidden reminiscences (in Hebrew)
Schwartz, M. Lees, S, Kressel, G. Rural cooperatives in socialist utopia : thirty years of moshav
development in Israel
Scott, Feminism & history
Sen, Development, Crisis, and Alternative Visions: Third World Women's Perspectives
Sethi, S. Optimal control theory...
Seventh International Conference on Wetland Systems for Water pollution control, vols 1,2,3
International Water Association
Slessor, Eco-Tech
Smit, Root methods
Sogge, Give and take
Solow, Growth theory : an exposition
Srivastava, Plant growth and development
Steeb, Continuous symmetries, lie algebras, differential equations and computer algebra
Subramanian, Soil Microfungi of Israel
Taiz, Plant physiology (3rd ed.)
The professional secretary's handbook (3rd ed.)
Thompson, On Growth and Form: The Complete Revised Edition
Tumanskii, B. Radical reactions of fullerenes and their derivatives
Turcotte, Eractals and Chaos in Geology and Geophysics
Untergasser, Handbook of fish diseases
Vogt, Le Corbusier, the noble savage
Waisel, Plant roots (3rd ed.)
Wardle, Communities and ecosystems : linking the aboveground and belowground components
Warrick (Ed.), Soil Physics Companion
Wasowki, A. Building inside nature's envelopes : how new construction and land preservation can
work together
Watson, D. Climatic design
Whitford, Ecology of desert systems
Wilkinson, R. Plant environment interactions 2e
Wolf (Ed.), Conflict Prevention and Resolution in Water Systems
Woo, Fish diseases and disorders - vol. 1
Zar, Biostatistical Analysis
Hebrew Books:
‫ דרכי הבשמים‬/ ‫ עזרא‬,‫אוריון‬
‫ עסקה אפלה בדרום‬/ ‫ דניאל‬,‫סימון‬-‫בן‬
‫ישראל במפת מידבא‬-‫ ארץ‬/ ‫ גבריאל‬,‫ברקאי‬
‫ ערי הנבטים בנגב‬.‫ אברהם‬,‫נגב‬
:)‫ספרים שהספריה קבלה (ללא רכישה‬
‫ לאור התגליות החדשות‬:‫ הר כרכום‬/ ‫ עמנואל‬,‫ענתי‬
‫ הדור הזקוף‬/ ‫ דני‬,‫רבינוביץ‬
‫ישראל‬-‫ כבשני סיד בארץ‬/ ‫ יוסי‬,‫ישראל שפנייר‬-‫ המשטר הרומי בארץ‬/ ‫ אברהם‬,‫שליט‬
.)‫ עותקים‬2 ,‫ רהט (בשפה הערבית‬/ ‫עלי חסאן‬
‫מדען ראשי חקלאות ‪ -‬דו"חות מחקר לשנת ‪ - 2002‬גד"ש חקלאות מים‪ ,‬שונות‬
‫מדען ראשי חקלאות ‪ -‬דו"חות מחקר לשנת ‪ - 2002‬מטעים ייעול השימוש במים הפחתת השימוש בחומרי הדברה‬
‫מדען ראשי חקלאות ‪ -‬דו"חות מחקר לשנת‬
‫שוחת‪ ,‬אלן ‪ /‬זכרונות אסורים‬
‫שטרנהל‪ ,‬זאב ‪ /‬בניין אומה או תיקון חברה?‬