CIPH Announces IDEA E-Solutions as Our Industry`s e

CIPH Partners with IDEA e-Solutions as Our
Industry’s e-Solutions Provider of Choice for
the Canadian Plumbing and Heating Industry
Do you want to save 30-60% off your Value Added Network costs?
Are you interested in easily sharing product data with customized pricing data
to your customers?
Is harmonization of your B2B data a challenge today?
Is e-business solutions still the feared cost center in your business…
If you’ve said YES to any of these questions, then IDEA e-Solutions is your
CIPH has partnered with IDEA e-Solutions to bring to the Canadian plumbing and
heating industry, solutions that will help our members find data and cost savings and
efficiencies in your electronic data transaction infrastructure.
Our first step to offering cost cutting solutions for your business is to leverage IDEA’s online
document exchange solution, the Industry Data Exchange (IDX). The IDX enables your
company to exchange business documents (orders, invoices, ship notices, etc.)
electronically with your partners via electronic data interchange (EDI). You can also
track and report business metrics through IDEA’s secure web-based application to
reduce the time and errors associated with receiving standard stock orders, and to
eliminate manual pricing adjustments. If you or your trading partners are not EDIcapable, you can still use IDX to automate business processes. IDEA offers customized
services for manufacturers including consulting, outsourcing and educational programs
that supplement your technical staff.
About IDEA:
IDEA was established in 1998 to serve the electrical industry by creating data standards
and solutions that facilitate efficient electronic business transactions. Since then, IDEA has
helped hundreds of manufacturers and distributors in various industries cut costs from
their supply chain. CIPH and IDEA will work together to create a framework for CIPH
members to establish and adopt industry data standards.
Find out more about IDEA: