QuikSpec 3 - Lonsdale Patent Glazing & Rooflights

Lonsdale QuikSpec 3
Self-supporting Lantern or Skylight - with integral extruded aluminium cill, hips and/or
ridge members
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Patent Glazing
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Supporting structure
Secured to Builders’ curb with suitable fasteners. Such
curb to be structural Timber or Steel (delete accordingly) capable
of withstanding the relevant imposed loads, self-weight, wind &
snow loads without spread or movement
Patent Glazing System
To BS5516, and as specified in this section
Manufacturer & reference Lonsdale Metal Co Ltd., London N17 9QU
Tel +44(0)20 8801 4221 Fax +44(0)20 8801 1287
info@lonsdalemetal.co.uk Reference SPANGARD
self-supporting rooflight system
Glazing Bar :
Minimum Film thickness
Manufactured from thermally broken extruded aluminium
with integral cill, hips and/or ridge sections
Bottom overhang lap
Aluminium alloy 6063-T6 to BS1474
Standard RAL Matt Finish (or delete & insert mill finish)
Insert RAL number or insert ‘N/A’ if mill finish
40 microns (or delete & insert ‘N/A’ if mill finish)
Nominally 600mm c/c (if wider than 750mm contact our
Technical dept)
22.5 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 degrees (delete accordingly)
Nom 58mm
Pane/infilling materials
Please select from following options:
For heated spaces choose from:
Standard:6.4mm clear laminated low-e glass inner pane, 16mm argon
cavity and 6mm clear toughened outer pane with stepped
bottom edge. Centre pane Uvalue should not be worse than
6.4mm clear laminated soft coat low-e glass inner pane,
16mm argon cavity and 6mm blue toughened self-cleaning
glass with stepped bottom edge. Centre pane Uvalue should
not be worse than 1.2W/m2.k and should reduce solar heat
For unheated spaces choose:
6.4mm clear laminated glass
(please contact us for other glass specifications including single glazing or polycarbonate
more suitable for your project)
Incorporated components Please select from following options:
GlazaTherm Top Hung Opening Rooflights with factory fitted
pole, cord or electric motors (delete accordingly)
Top Hung Opening Casement Vents with factory fitted electric
motors in the lantern-light upstand
*if you require to add access panels, photo-voltaics, cladding, or solar thermal panels,
please contact our technical department
Please note : whilst we are pleased to assist, the above example is given for guidance only. Responsibility
remains with the specifier to ensure our products are fit for the intended purpose and comply with all local
building regulations and required standards