Community Layers: A Look Within

Community Layers: A Look Within
Studio in Drawing and Painting
2D, 3D
Throughout history, generations have defined their times through their values, culture,
beliefs, and environments. You are going to take the time to peel back the layers of
history to reveal what you were built upon and what affects your community had forming
whom you are and where you come from. When visualizing the idea of community what
images come to your mind? Take a moment and consider from an artists point of view a
symbolic approach to “community”.
Objective: Students will create a work of art that focuses on a simple object that
symbolizes community. Students will work their drawing into a complex of layered
mixed media surface. The surface should be approached with the concept of the
rich history a community holds and how they can communicate the idea visually.
Begin by answering the following questions and list what common objects symbolize the
idea of community through their function, structure, or purpose?
What does community mean to you?
Who lives in your community and what purpose do they serve?
How was your community built?
How do you see your community?
What defines a community?
Other than the traditional idea of community, what other forms of community are
What objects or people help your community function?
What public places or spaces help to define your community?
How is a community organized?
Once you have brainstormed these questions, form a list of what objects could symbolize
the idea of community. An example is a pomegranate. A pomegranate has a tough
surface that contains seeds. These seeds make up the inside of the fruit and help to insure
the future of the pomegranate. Could the life of this object relate to the life of a
community? Create a list of at least 10 objects that symbolize community to you. Some
examples could be:
Onion- multiple layers to form the whole.
Building blocks- must stack upon the other to produce stability
Gears- must work together to perform a function.
Once you have created a list, work with a peer to select a final object. The object you
select must be one that you can bring into the classroom to draw from life.
What is a Collage?
It is much like the idea of community. Each is built by adding layer upon layer. It is
important to explore true examples of collage artists such as Rauschenberg, Dan Eldon,
or Sabrina Ward Harrison. Once you have looked at styles of collage and layering, create
multiple thumbnail sketches that involve your object and layers of materials. You will be
expected to exhibit 5 layers in this work. A layer consists of materials that are built onto
the surface and then covered or submerged to create a new workable surface.
Research materials and colors
Select object and create Thumbnails
Begin collecting materials and surface
Start project
Midpoint grade
Final grade