Important figurative language to
• Personification: giving non human things human
• Allusion: reference to something famous
• Metaphor: comparing two unlike things NOT using like or
• Simile: comparing two unlike things USING like or as
• Imagery: using sensory details to paint a picture in a
readers’ mind.
• And finally…….
What you see is not always what
you get…
Sometimes you get more!
Sometimes you get more!
A symbol is…
• An object that represents a greater idea
• An icon (picture) that stands for a bigger
Even toddlers recognize common
Groups use symbols
• For example…
We use symbols when texting to
represent larger thoughts…
Color often symbolize moods..
What might these colors
How about a pink ribbon?
Remember, _______ are items
that represent a ____________
idea or meaning.
What’s the diff?
Which would you rather receive?
Seasons can be used as symbols
Objects can hold meaning too …
Remember: ____________ are
objects that _______________
a greater meaning.
Colors are great symbols for
different moods and life events
• Look at the colors on the following slides
and think about what mood they provoke
in you.
• Think about a life event that could be
represented by these colors (either
persona or general)
• What feelings does red symbolize?
• What else can it symbolize?
• What feelings does blue symbolize?
• What else can it symbolize?
• What feelings does yellow symbolize?
• What else can it symbolize?
• What feelings does green symbolize?
• What else can it symbolize?
• What feelings does black symbolize?
• What else can it symbolize?
• What feelings does white symbolize?
• What else can it symbolize?
What do colors mean to you?
• In The Book Thief, the author uses A LOT of
symbolism. The narrator actually sees
everything in three specific colors: white, red,
and black.
• Colors can have a lot of symbolic meaning in a
persons’ life.
• Your job is to think of an important event in your
life and associate it with a color.
• Let’s begin……..
What color symbolizes you?
• On a piece of notebook paper, brainstorm 3
important and memorable life events that stand
out to you.
• Next, write two sentences for each telling why
these things stood out and their significance.
• Then, close your eyes and think about each of
these moments. Concentrate on the people,
things, and places involved.
– Which one was the most vivid in your mind? Circle
that even.
What color symbolizes your
• Now that you have the even you will be talking
about, think about the feelings associated with
• Under your chosen event, list three colors that
could symbolize how you felt at the time. Write
your reason for each color beside them
• Close your eyes again and picture this single
event. This time focus on the emotions of the
– Which color, of the three, comes to mind? Circle this
Create your collage!
• Your job is to create a collage of pictures and
words to represent this life event.
– The only colors that can be used should be
the color you chose and the different shades
• You can design your collage any way you would
• Be sure to include a title that represents your
• This can be a storyboard, sectioned off, random,
Describe it using a poem
• Once you are finished with your collage, you will write a
free verse poem describing the event and why you
associated the color with this specific event.
• A free verse poem is constructed using the following
– Does not rhyme
– Written in stanzas (yours should be at least 3 with at
least 4 lines in each)
– Includes good figurative language and imagery.
Remember: ____________ are
______________________ that
__________________ a bigger