As scientists - Great Ouseburn Community Primary School

As geographers, we will learn
where our food comes from and how far
it travels to be in our supermarkets. We
will investigate importing and exporting
and the impact this has on local people.
We will research Fair Trade and its
We will improve our mapping skills
through researching food journeys.
As writers, we will be analysing the
features of non-chronological reports
and writing our own. We will be
comparing informal and formal letter
styles and writing our own persuasive
letters. Most of our writing will be linked
to our geography topic this term.
As philosophers, we will
research the ethical nature of Fair
Trade and the benefits it brings to
people. We will also be
investigating and learning about the
Easter story and its relevance to
the Christian faith.
To Shop or not to
the need for light to see things. We
will investigate ways in which light
is reflected from different surfaces
including mirrors. We will
understand that the light from the
sun can be dangerous and is a
powerful light source and can
create shadows.
As mathematicians, we will be
using our maths skills and knowledge
to create graphs demonstrating
different food journeys. We will be
calculating distances and costs and
solving real life problems concerning
local and distant food.
As Artists we will be researching
famous collage artists. We will be
having a go at different collage
techniques and creating our own
class collage on ‘Food around the
world’ using a wide range of
As scientists, we will investigate
As musicians, we will be participating
As linguists, we will continue with
our Mandarin lessons.
We will be learning Calendar and other
time related language in our French
in Young Voices concert at Sheffield. As
part of the BBC 10 Pieces initiative we
will be inspired by Grieg’s ‘In the Hall of
the Mountain King’ to analyse and listen
to this music and compose and perform
our own compositions.