PHYSICS - Rackspace

Steam moves into the cylinder of a steam engine at a constant pressure of 2 X 105 Pa, the
diameter of the piston is 16 cm and the piston travels 20 cm in one stroke. How much work
is done during one stroke?
A cylinder of gas is compressed by a piston from an initial volume of 125 lts. to a final
volume of 90 lts. The compression occurs at constant pressure and the work done on the
gas by the piston is 104 J. What is the gas pressure during the compression?
Find the efficiency of a gasoline engine if the input heat energy is 3000 J and the work done
by the engine is 1015 J.
Calculate the change in entropy when 300 g of lead melts at 327° C. Lead has a latent heat
of fusion of 2.54 X 104 J/Kg