Supervision Agreement

Supervised Clinical Training for Behavior Analysis
Certification Board* Requirements Contract
This is a contract entered into by The Applied Behavior Analysis Institute, LC (hereinafter
referred to as “the Supervisor”) and <Supervisee> (hereinafter referred to as “the Supervisee”)
on this date, <Month Name, Day Number, Year>.
The Supervisee hereby engages the Supervisor to provide services described herein under
“Scope and Manner of Services.” The Supervisor hereby agrees to provide the Supervisee with
such services in exchange for consideration described herein under “Payment for Services
Rendered.” This contract is at will, either party may terminate this agreement at any time, by
providing intent of such in writing.
Scope and Manner of Services
As Supervisee and clinical Supervisor, we agree to the following:
To work together to develop detailed analysis on issues that guide the practice of
Applied Behavior Analysis; culminating in clinical expertise.
To meet at least every two weeks or more often, if desired or deemed necessary by the
To respect the time and space of clinical supervision, by adhering to agreed
appointments and allocated times. Privacy will be respected by both parties to this
agreement and all efforts will be made to reduce and eliminate interruptions of
supervision sessions. Any party to this agreement that wishes to change meeting times,
dates, or length shall notify the other party at least 24 hours prior to the meeting that is
effected. A replacement time will be agreed upon by both parties.
To provide a record for the Supervisee’s employer, documenting the times and the dates
of the clinical supervision sessions. Any other notes made about sessions will be kept by
the supervisee.
To work along the supervisee’s agenda, within the framework and focus negotiated at
the beginning of each session in accordance with BACB guidelines for Responsible
Conduct of a Behavior Analysts. (
To work respectfully with each other, being receptive to providing and receive feedback
during the supervision sessions.
The Supervisee Agrees To:
Engage in independent supervised fieldwork for at least 10 hours per week, but not more
than 30 hours per week, for a minimum of three weeks per month for the duration of this
Copyright © 2011 The Applied Behavior Analysis Institute, LC
contract. This does not preclude working more than 30 hours per week, but only 30 of
the hours worked per week are counted towards the required 1,500 hours.
Prepare for sessions, for example, by having an agenda, preparing notes, having
completed any reading assignments, or otherwise be prepared to speak on relevant
Take responsibility for any outcomes and actions they may take as a result of clinical
Be willing to learn and develop clinical skills while supported in challenging
The Clinical Supervisor Agrees To:
Keep all information revealed in supervision sessions confidential and to maintain the
highest degree of confidentiality of all matters and material discussed in supervision
sessions. with the following exception:
a. Should the Supervisee describe any unsafe, unethical, or illegal practice that
they are unwilling to report to the appropriate authorities. In the event that
confidentiality must be broken the Supervisee will be notified in advance and in
writing by the Supervisor.
Protect all of the Supervisees records and secure all documents generated in connection
with all clinical supervision sessions.
Maintain a commitment to continuous professional development.
Insure that the following BACB requirements are met:
a. “To qualify under this standard, you must complete 1500 hours of Supervised
Independent Fieldwork in Behavior Analysis. The distribution requirement for
Supervised Independent Fieldwork hours is not less than 10 hours but not more
than 30 hours per week for a minimum of 3 weeks per month.” (
b. “You may not start accumulating Supervised Independent Fieldwork, Practicum
or Intensive Practicum hours until you have started attending courses required to
meet the BACB coursework requirements.” (
“During experience hours, your primary focus should be on learning new
behavior analytic skills related to the BACB Third Edition Task List. Activities
must adhere to the dimensions of applied behavior analysis identified by Baer,
Wolf and Risley (1968) in the article Some Current Dimensions of Applied
Behavior Analysis published in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.”
Copyright © 2011 The Applied Behavior Analysis Institute, LC
d. “Appropriate experience activities include:
i. Conducting assessment activities related to the need for behavioral
ii. Designing, implementing and monitoring behavior analysis programs for
iii. Overseeing the implementation of behavior analysis programs by others,
iv. Other activities normally performed by a behavior analyst that are directly
related to behavior analysis such as attending planning meetings
regarding the behavior analysis program, researching the literature
related to the program, talking to individuals about the program; plus any
additional activities related to oversight of behavioral programming such
as behavior analyst supervision issues, or evaluation of behavior
analysts’ performance. Your supervisor will determine if activities qualify.
v. Examples of activities that are not appropriate as experience activities
include: attending meetings with little or no behavior analytic content,
providing interventions that are not based in behavior analysis, doing nonbehavior analytic administrative activities, or any other activities that are
not directly related to behavior analysis.” (
e. “Clients may be any persons for whom behavior analysis services are
appropriate. However, you may not be related to the client or the client’s primary
caretaker or be the client’s primary caretaker. You must work with multiple
clients during the experience period.” (
“The supervisor must observe you engaging in behavior analytic activities with a
client in the natural environment during each required supervisory period (i.e., 1
or 2 weeks, depending on the type of experience being obtained). This
observation may be conducted via web-cameras, videotape, videoconferencing,
or similar means in lieu of the supervisor being physically present. Supervision
may be conducted in small groups of 10 or fewer participants for no more than
half of the total supervised hours in each supervisory period. The remainder of
the total supervision hours in each supervisory period must consist of direct oneto-one contact.” (
Payment for Services Rendered
The Supervisee shall pay the Supervisor for supervised clinical fieldwork, within 25 calendar
days of the date on any invoice for services rendered by the Supervisor.
Copyright © 2011 The Applied Behavior Analysis Institute, LC
Should the Supervisee fail to pay the Supervisor the full amount specified in any invoice within
26 calendar days of the invoice’s date, a late fee equal to $25.00 shall be added to the amount
due. In addition, supervision will be terminated until any delinquencies are paid in full.
Applicable Law
This contract shall be governed by the laws of the County of Clark in the State of Nevada and
any applicable Federal law.
In witness of their agreement to the terms above, the parties or their authorized agents hereby
affix their signatures:
(Printed Name of Supervisee)
(Printed Name of Supervisor)
(Signature of Supervisee) (Date)
(Signature of Supervisor) (Date)
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