Tab 2

Tab 2
1. Review BACB website on “Experience Standards”
2. Confirm the type of supervised experience the
supervisee receives (e.g., supervised independent
fieldwork) and onset of experience.
a. Based on BACB standards, applicants may not
start accumulating experience until they have
begun their coursework required to meet the
BACB coursework requirements.
b. Some supervisors may ask that the supervisee has
completed certain units, or certain coursework in
the BCBA course-series, before offering
c. Some agencies may ask for certain years of
commitment to the agency before offering
supervision since this is an investment on their
3. Calculate the total hours of experience required, total
hours that will be supervised per week, and frequency
of supervisor contact (Board specifies a minimum of 1
every 2 weeks).
4. Create a realistic time-line for supervision taking into
account number of experience hours per week (max 30
hrs per week according to BACB), and number of
supervision hrs.
5. Insert your projected time-line or calendar in Tab 2.