The common Hungarian and Slovak recommendations:

The common Hungarian and Slovak recommendations:
 In the framework of mutual cooperation in the basin to ensure mutual knowledge about:
 ecological and chemical status of water bodies,
 the most important measures designed to achiew good water status by the year
2015, and the possibilities of potential financial sources for their implementation,
 the construction of water structures, significantly affecting hydromorphological
characteristics of watercourses, as well as migration of fish, how to ensure
efficiency and migration of fish and so on.
Technical and financial security of upcoming projects that address priority agglomeration
sewerage in the river and its tributaries Hornád (Torysa, Olšava) as well as construction of
wastewater treatment plant either in the agglomeration or separate treatment plant for each
community, depending on the optimal technical solution.
Implementation of the above mentioned recommendation in support of EU funds is
subject to project approval by the European Commission under the priority axis Integrated protection and rational utilization of water.
 It must prevent the extreme pollutions. In our opinion, the prevention of the extreme
pollutions and protection of the already occurred extreme pollution, - naturally with
professional work - it’s possible with appropriate legislations. In this regard, both
countries have different laws, which reviewed and updated should be done.
 Participation in common damage protection training with the Slovak and Hungarian water
authorities to prepare the protection of the extraordinary pollutions. Common esteem of
the used methods.
 Elaborating joint Slovak-Hungarian conception/plan to the utilization of wastes from
surface water in the case of any extreme waste pollution affects the cross-border waters
connected. Elaborating common suggestion to the storage and transport to the polluting
country of the hazardous waste which are get over the cross-border waters.
 Elaborating common suggestion to the forwarding way of information about the water
utility systems within flooded area between Slovak-Hungarian water organizations and the
discussion of the applicability of the relevant EU legislation in the case of extreme flood
situation and the mutual exchange of experiences.