Athletic Handbook - Burgin Independent Schools

Burgin Athletic
For Student-Athletes and Parents
Adopted by Burgin Board of Education July 2011
Revised July 2012
Table of Contents
Athletic Statement
Athletic Philosophy & Mission
Gender Equity Committee
Athletic Program Profile
Eligibility Requirements
Athletic Physicals and Parental Consent
Team Cutting Policies
Quitting Teams
Locker Room Policy
Gymnasium & Weight Room
Athletic Equipment
Inclement Weather
Varsity Letters
Varsity Athletic Letter Jacket Eligibility
General Awards
Individual & Team Patches
Placing of Awards on the Letter Jacket
Athletic Chain of Command
Parent/Spectator Athletic Interference Policy
Athletic Ticket Information
This Athletic Handbook is designed to acquaint all student-athletes, parents and coaches
with the philosophies, policies and procedures of the Burgin Independent School’s Athletic
Department. Participation in athletics is a privilege which carries with it varying degrees of honor,
responsibility and sacrifice. Because it is a privilege to participate, student-athletes who are
involved will be expected to follow the policies and procedures outlined in the Athletic
Handbook, as well as those rules established by the coaches in their respective sport(s). Studentathletes should understand that they represent their school and community at all times. They are
expected to conduct themselves in a manner that would not bring discredit to their school,
community or family.
Athletics is a major part of the educational curriculum of Burgin Independent School and
its potential for positive experiences must be fully utilized. The Athletic Department will be
centered on the welfare of the student-athletes. As a school, we will strive to procure the best
coaching personnel available and provide the best athletic facilities affordable. We will make every
effort to provide student-athletes the opportunity to excel in teamwork, sportsmanship, selfdiscipline and moral character. As a school, we will make every effort to provide student-athletes
with experiences that will help them to develop their own personal philosophy toward
commitment, responsibility, team and loyalty.
The administration will strive to provide a sound program of athletics in an effort to
contribute to the growth of every student, the school and the community. We believe the mental,
physical and emotional growth of middle and high school students can be greatly enhanced by
participation in extra-curricular activities such as athletics. We also believe that athletics can be a
catalyst in increasing school morale, and can provide a channel through which students can take
pride in themselves and their school. We pledge to adhere to all accepted standards of good
sportsmanship and to the rules and bylaws of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association
The purpose and function of the Gender Equity Review Committee is to review the
policies and procedures of the Burgin Independent School’s Athletic Department. The Gender
Equity Review Committee shall meet at least three (3) times a year (once during the fall sports
season, once during the winter sports season and once during the spring sports season) prior to
March. The Gender Equity Review Committee shall consist of the Principal, Athletic Director,
head coach for each varsity sport, parents and teachers as well as one male and one female studentathlete.
The athletic program at Burgin Independent School is operated in such a manner as to
provide any boy or girl, with athletic ability, the opportunity to participate in interscholastic
athletics. Burgin Independent School provides opportunities to participate in the following
KHSAA sanctioned sports or sport activities: boys cross country, girls cross country, co-ed soccer,
girls volleyball, boys basketball, girls basketball, cheerleading, competitive cheer, girls fastpitch
softball, boys baseball, boys track and girls track to almost 250 students in grades 6-12. Studentathletes are allowed to participate in one sport per season, unless written consent has been obtained
from the head coaches for both teams the student-athlete chooses to participate as well as the
Athletic Director.
Burgin Independent School is a member of the KHSAA as well as The Bluegrass
Conference. Other Bluegrass Conference member-schools include: Augusta, Berea, Deming,
Kentucky School for the Deaf, Model, Nicholas County, Paris, Sayre and St. Patrick.
To participate in the athletic program at Burgin Independent School, all student-athletes
must be on grade level on the first day of the school year and comply with the standards set forth in
the Student Handbook and Discipline Code as well as the regulations established in the KHSAA
Bylaws. During each season, a weekly grade check will be conducted to ensure a competing
student-athlete does not have any failing grades for that grading period. If a student-athlete is
found to be failing more than one class, he/she will be suspended from practice or competition for
that week and until the grades are passing. Weekly grade checks will be conducted on Mondays
and the period of ineligibility shall be from the start of school on Tuesday through the following
Monday evening.
The KHSAA requires that record of a physical examination as well as parental consent be kept on
file for all participants in athletics. These records must be on file with the Athletic Director prior to
a student-athlete participating in their first practice (including conditioning) and/or athletic contest.
Physical exams are valid for one calendar year from the date of the last physical.
Student-athletes must be in attendance at school (if school is in session) by 11:35 a.m. on
days of athletic games and/or practices or any other team-related event (fundraising event, team
dinner, etc.) in order to be eligible to attend/participate. The Principal and/or Athletic Director
must approve exceptions, such as court, doctor/dentist appointments, funerals, etc. Students placed
in the In-School Alternative Program (ISAP), out-of-school suspension (OSS) or on Social
Probation are not eligible to attend/participate while assigned to a restriction. Individual coaches
may have more stringent expectations on attendance for their respective sport.
The coaches at Burgin Independent School have their own policies on how they will
choose their team. Unfortunately, in some sports, cutting a team down to manageable size may be
a necessity.
Any student-athlete, who chooses to quit a specific team after starting, unless he/she is
released in good standing by the head coach and Athletic Director, may not join another team until
the sport season for the team they quit has ended. However, if a student-athlete is cut from a team
as a result of tryouts, he/she may join another athletic team during that same season.
Student-athletes are expected to assist in keeping the locker room neat and clean. Each
student-athlete is responsible for picking up his or her own clothes and towels from the floor.
Horseplay, loud or boisterous behavior, or vulgarity will not be permitted in the locker room.
Any and all injuries are to be reported to the coaching staff immediately in order to obtain
correct medical attention. Student-athletes who are absent for five (5) consecutive days or who are
physically unable to practice for five (5) consecutive days must present a statement from a licensed
physician that they are again physically able to participate in athletics before they will be allowed to
participate in practice or contests. Individual team coaches may require a physician’s statement
with less than five (5) absences from school/practice.
Students and student-athletes are not to be in the weight room or gymnasium unless their
team is involved in a practice in that facility at that time. An adult member of the coaching staff
must be present and supervising at all times.
The Athletic Department has invested heavily in equipment and uniforms for athletes at
Burgin Independent School. Because of limited revenues, it is imperative that the Athletic
Department operates in a fiscally conservative manner. This means that each student-athlete must
take total responsibility for school-owned property issued to him/her. If equipment should be
damaged while the athlete is involved in practice or competition, repair or replacement will be the
responsibility of the school. If any school-owned property is lost or damaged while under the care
of the student-athlete, he or she will be responsible for any and all replacement/repair costs.
School-owned uniforms, equipment or clothing of any kind are to be worn to athletic contests or
practices only unless specifically instructed otherwise by the coach of that sport.
In addition, all school uniforms are to be turned in to the head coach immediately after the
conclusion of the season. After a reasonable amount of time has been given, a student failing to
return his/her uniform or replacement costs shall not be able to participate on any other school
team until those needs have been met. Additional consequences may include Social Probation
and/or loss of driving privileges on school grounds.
When seriously inclement weather occurs (snow storm, ice, excessive rain, etc.), the
Principal or Athletic Director will determine if and when any athletic practices or contests will take
place. If Burgin Independent School is in session and released early (prior to normal dismissal time)
due to inclement weather, all school activities shall be cancelled for that day. If inclement weather
occurs during the school day and school is not released early, the Athletic Director along with the
Principal, and the opposing Athletic Director and/or Principal will make a decision about that day’s
activities before students are released from school. If Burgin Independent School is not in session
due to inclement weather, the Athletic Director in conjunction with the Principal and the
opposing Athletic Director and/or Principal will make a decision about that day’s activities by
noon. Every decision in these matters will be made with the safety of the student-athlete as the
only priority.
The varsity head coach is responsible for keeping accurate record of playing time and/or
quarters of participation for purposes of determining awards. At the end of each season, the head
coach for each sport will present a season record summary/inventory as well as a list of awards to the
Athletic Director. In order to receive a varsity letter, a student must be in grades 7-12 and meet
the following requirements by sport:
Participate in at least 3/4 of the varsity games and make the district roster.
Participation shall mean at least three (3) innings.
Participate in at least 3/4 of all varsity quarters and make the district roster.
Must complete the winter athletic season in good standing.
Cross Country
Participate in at least 3/4 of the varsity meets and make the regional roster.
Participation shall mean finishing in the top five (5) Burgin runners in at least 50%
of all meets.
Participate in 3/4 of the scheduled matches in the number one (1) through four (4)
positions of all varsity meets.
Participate in at least 3/4 of the varsity matches.
Participate in at least 3/4 of the varsity games and make the district roster.
Participation shall mean at least three (3) innings.
Place in at least 3/4 of all varsity meets and make the regional roster.
Participate in at least 3/4 of the varsity matches and make the district roster.
Injured Athlete
If a student-athlete has a season-ending injury which keeps him/her from meeting
normal lettering requirements, the varsity coach may grant the student-athlete a
varsity letter if they attended all practices and contests for the remainder of the
season following the injury, and (in the coach’s professional opinion) would have
met the standards for a varsity letter had the injury not occurred.
The Athletic Director may award a letter to a student athlete that makes a significant
contribution to their team, yet does not meet the playing time criteria.
High school student-athletes who have earned a varsity letter in any sport are eligible to
purchase a letter jacket. Eligible student-athletes should purchase the jacket through the Athletic
Department. However, they will pay for the entire cost of the jacket.
Awards will be given only for participation on Burgin High School athletic teams. Credit
will be given for varsity awards earned at other schools, only after the student-athlete has earned
their first varsity letter in that sport at Burgin. All jackets purchased by the student-athlete will
remain the property of the student-athlete at all times. However, all letters, awards and patches
which have been purchased by the Athletic Department, are the property of Athletic Department
until the student-athlete graduates. The following information indicates the general guidelines and
normal progression for awards. Student-athletes will receive the appropriate awards for each year
as listed and explained below:
Varsity Letter Award
The first varsity letter award will be a chenille block “B” letter and a chevron.
Second Varsity Letter Award
The second varsity letter award will be chenille numerals for their year of
graduation. These numerals may be placed on the letter jacket.
Third and Any Successive Varsity Letters
The third varsity letter award will entitle the athlete to a sport pin for each sport
Captain’s Star
Captains of varsity teams are awarded a chenille star. Only one star will be awarded
per athlete, regardless of how many times that athlete is chosen as a captain.
Awarded one per year and given with the first varsity letter of each year.
Any student-athlete who is recognized with All-State honors (either athletic or academic)
will receive a special chenille patch for his/her jacket. Additional chenille patches will be awarded to
Bluegrass Conference individual or team champions as well as district, regional or state individual or
team champions and regional or higher qualifying teams or individuals.
Block Letter “B” on left breast
Numerals on right sleeve
Chevrons (pointed down) on left sleeve
Sport pins on chenille block “B”
Captain’s star above chevrons on left sleeve
All patches for special recognition on right breast or back of jacket
The Burgin Independent School’s athletic program is established for the direct and longlasting development of the total child. Many of the lessons learned as a result of athletic
participation are the same ones that will promote successful adult lives. In addition, we believe that
every parent that becomes a part of our athletic program deserves the right to be made fully aware of
and understand the expectations being placed on his or her child. However, there are decisions
made by the coaching staff that are not appropriate to discuss with parents.
It is extremely difficult to accept a child not playing as much or as often as the parent wished.
Coaches are professionals and decisions are made on what they believe to be in the very best
interest of the team. Nonetheless, some areas of conversation that should never be discussed with a
coach by a parent include: playing time, team strategy, play calling, line-ups, substitutions, other
team members, other parents and past teams and/or athletes.
If a parent requests a meeting to discuss concerns with a coach, the parent is asked to set up
an appointment with the coach no sooner than the next day. In the event that a meeting with a
coach does not reach a satisfactory conclusion, the parent should set up an appointment with the
Athletic Director for a second meeting. If a meeting with the Athletic Director does not offer a
satisfactory understanding, the final step in our chain of command is a conference with the Principal.
The purpose of the Burgin Parent/Spectator Athletic Interference Policy is to prevent
parent/spectators from exhibiting offensive or threatening behavior toward anyone at Burgin
Independent School events. Persons coming onto District property shall be under the jurisdiction of
the school system and the site administrator. Individuals who come onto District property or
contact employees on school or District business are expected to behave in a civil manner and abide
by District policy. Actions that are discouraged and may warrant further action include, but are not
limited to:
Cursing or use of obscenities (including obscene clothing),
Disrupting or threatening to disrupt school or events operations,
Acting in an unsafe manner that could threaten the health or safety of others,
Verbal or written statements or gestures indicating intent to harm an individual or property,
Physical attacks (or threats of) intended to harm an individual or damage property.
Established rules and regulations to enforce the Athletic Interference Policy are set forth by this
policy as follows:
FIRST OFFENSE- Removal from the event immediately. The school administration will review
the incident within five (5) school days to determine if further action should be taken which may
include being suspended from attending school activities for one (1) calendar year.
SECOND OFFENSE- Same process as FIRST OFFENSE but may result in permanent suspension
from school activities/campus.
In the event a parent/spectator’s behavior is such that it cannot be resolved in this manner, law
enforcement will be notified and the situation will be handled by a court of law.
All-Sports Passes will be made available at the appropriate times through the Athletic
Director and/or school office. Availability will be announced through the Harrodsburg Herald.
2013-2014 ticket prices are:
All-Sports Family Pass:
Individual All-Sports Pass:
Burgin Senior Citizen All-Sports Pass (65+):
$25 per person
$40 per couple
High School Single Session:
Middle School Single Session:
$4 adults
$3 students
All-Sports Passes do not include complimentary admission to Bluegrass Conference Tournaments,
Touchstone Energy All-A Tournaments, or any post-season Tournament.
This is to verify that I have read, understand, and have agreed to fully
comply with the contents of the Burgin Independent School’s Athletic
Handbook for the 2014-15 school year. I also agree that I am to consult
with my coach or Athletic Director if I have any questions concerning its
contents. I understand that the District may modify any or all of the
referenced policies and procedures, in whole or in part, at any time, with or
without prior notice; and that in the event the District modifies any of the
information contained in this handbook, the changes will become binding
on me immediately upon issuance of the new or revised policy or procedure
by the District
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*Please sign return to your team’s coach or Athletic Director.