Triad FFA

Triad FFA
2012 Champaign County Fair Entry Form
Name __________________________Date of Birth____________________
Address ______________________________________________________
City/Zip _________________________Phone________________________
Parents Name _________________________________________________
Email address: _________________________________________________
Circle one of the following: I am currently a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior or Graduate.
Projects: Please circle ALL that you plan to take to the Champaign County Fair in FFA, please write in any
species of animals you plan to take but are not listed below:
Market Hogs
Breeding Swine
Scramble Pigs
Breeding Rabbits
Shop/Crop – Vegetables
Market Lambs
Breeding Sheep
Dairy Feeder
Market Rabbits
Shop/Crop – wood project
Market Steers
Breeding Heifers
Meat Pen-Chickens
Dairy Steer
Shop/Crop – metal project
Scramble Calf
Breeding Goats
Market Goats
Dairy Cows/Heifers
Shop/Crop - Electrical
Please return to Mr. Ford by Wednesday, March 21st, 2012
A more accurate number of each of the above projects will be entered in July.