Holiday Trees - Palm Springs Disposal Services

January 2004
Holiday Schedule
We wish you all a happy and prosperous
New Year.
Since Christmas and New Year’s days fall
on Thursdays, trash collection will be delayed one
day after each holiday.
Holiday Trees
We recycle holiday trees. When it’s time to
discard your cut tree, place it at the curb any
Wednesday, and we’ll collect it with other Yard
Waste. These materials are composted and used as
a beneficial soil amendment in the Valley. Please
remove all decorations and tree stands. Please cut
trees over 6 feet in half. (For more information,
call Extension 525.)
Special Pickups
Many customers call on us for Special
Pickup services. If you have a large appliance,
sofa, or an occasional extra amount of trash, call us
for a “Special Pickup.” We can schedule these
pickups during the workweek. Two bulky waste
items will be collected at no charge per year. If
you have more than 2 items per year, you may set
them out during our City Cleanup in April and
October. Look in your future billing statement to
see further details. (Call Extension 313 or 314.)
Document Shredding
If you have important documents to discard
but are worried about security, you might be
interested in our document shredding services.
This shredding service provides you a means of
reducing your boxes of documents you no longer
need to save. Prices start at $40.00 for up to 75 lbs.
Call us for a free quote. (Call Extension 320.)
For Flood Zone information and
City of Palm Springs
Engineering Dept.
(760) 323-8253
Public Service Announcement
May I change service?
Yes, customers are free to change from one
service option to another.
Each year, from
September 1st through September 24th, we will
offer a subscription open enrollment period during
which Customers may change their service level
for free. Changes may be made at other times
during the year but will be subject to a $25.00
administrative charge.
Container Limits
The new rates and service levels are
designed around the service needs of most
Customers. Those who expect to exceed the limit
restrictions may have to subscribe to a next higher
level of service. Remember that containers cannot
exceed 32-gallons and must weigh less than 50pounds when filled. The containers must also have
handles that allow our drivers to lift and tip the can
into the collection vehicle. Also, there will now be
limits to the amounts our crews will collect.
Part-Time Residents
Part-Time Residents (as indicated by a
mailing address outside of Palm Springs) will
continue to receive and be billed for Standard
Service. This restriction is necessary to adhere to
the refuse setout & removal restrictions of the City.
It also helps to avoid the signal that occupants are
away from home.
Free Recycling Containers
Free containers are available for your
Recyclables. If you need a pair of containers,
please call.
For customers needing larger Recycling
containers, a limited quantity is available upon
request. Remember, all paper products can go into
1 container and all beverage containers can go into
the 2nd container. If you have extra cardboard,
simply flatten the boxes & contact our Recycle
Hotline to order an extra pickup for the cardboard.
Our current collection vehicles cannot handle the
excess cardboard, so a special vehicle will be
dispatched to your residence to collect the
cardboard at no charge.
Spring Cleanup
During the week of April 19th, 2004, we
will conduct a citywide cleanup program to give
Customers an opportunity to discard unwanted
items. The Cleanup has two components:
1. Free Curbside collection of two Bulky
Items and extra amounts of trash, and
2. Drop-off of unwanted materials at a central
location (behind City Hall).
Bulky Items
Bulky Items, such as appliances, furniture,
tires, etc. will be collected Curbside with special
arrangement and a Customer may have two such
Items collected free each year. Additional items
are collected year-round for a nominal charge.
Curbside Recycling
The following materials can be recycled in
the Curbside Program. (All must be free of food &
other contaminants.) Call Extension 313 or our
Hotline at 327-SAVE.)
Paper Products – (newspaper, egg cartons,
magazines, cardboard, mixed paper, junk mail,
phonebooks, cereal boxes, etc.)
Plastics – (beverage & food containers)
Glass – (bottles & jars)
Metals – (food cans, aluminum foil, aerosol cans &
beverage cans)
Account Questions?
Accounts……….Call Extension 313;
Accounts……….Call Extension 322.
E-Z Pay Plan
Thank you for your response to our “Direct
Payment Plan.” If you have not signed up, call
Carla, Extension 313, today to get started.
Used Motor Oil
We collect Used Motor Oil. Call us to
schedule a free pickup. Motor oil must be placed
in a container with a cap (Example: 1-gallon milk
jug). (Call Extension 320.)
Electronics Recycling
The City of Palm Springs (in partnership
with the City of Cathedral City) sponsor a FREE
recycling opportunity for old computers and
electronic equipment (E-Waste) each Fall.
Information will be in your billing statement when
a scheduled date is set. PSDS provides this service
but must charge for it. (Call Extension 329 for
More Clean Air Vehicles to Come
PSDS is expecting to add 13 more clean air
collection vehicles in 2004. Seven trucks will be
on the road by March 1st, with the remaining being
placed in operation in the Fall. PSDS currently
operates 4 clean natural gas vehicles and will
decrease its dependency on diesel fuel by 70% by
the end of 2004.
Para informacion en Espanol, marque Extencion 314.