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Dodge City, Kansas
PH: 620.227.9409
Fax: 620.227.9350
Welcome to Guided Studies at Dodge City Community College. These classes are intended to be a flexible
alternative to regularly scheduled on-campus courses. These courses are offered in a timeline similar to
the current campus semester, so you can stay on track with your academic degree plan.
Because these classes are designed to be completed independently, the following rules have been put in
place to ensure that every student enrolled can be successful in this method of study.
Use of Technology
o These are NOT online classes. However, they do utilize MyDC3Web as a supplemental tool for
communication between instructor and student. Here you can find your course schedule, syllabus,
and instructor’s contact information. You may find coursework and some exams here, too.
o Students taking ONLY Guided Studies classes are NOT required to purchase an iPad. However, they
are expected to have reliable, consistent access to a computer with internet.
o When on campus, there are computers available for all students to use in the following locations:
Course Syllabus
o Your course syllabus is your explanation to the Guided Studies course(s) you have decided to
take. It is ESSENTIAL that you read the syllabus PRIOR TO beginning your class(es). You will need
MyDC3Web. You can get to your course by going to , then clicking on the
MyDC3Web icon. There will be instructions here for logging on.
Class Communication
o Communication in these courses will be mainly through the email address you have provided to the
school. Please make sure this address is accurate and check it often.
o You will need to be checking your Junk/Spam folder for communications. Also, look out for emails
from “helpdesk” as teachers may use MyDC3Web to send out class-wide messages.
Face-to-Face Meetings
o Communication between instructor and student is vital. You must have a minimum of 3 face-toface meetings with your instructor throughout the session. Your syllabus will give you
instructions for completing this requirement. Failure to attend even one of these meetings will
result in your inability to earn a grade of a “C” or better in the class, regardless of points
earned. This is not negotiable and is a policy set within the Guided Studies department.
o Your instructor is your guide to the course you are taking. Feel free to contact your instructor at
any time during the course with questions, comments, concerns, etc. They will be receiving
and grading your work throughout the session.
o Phone calls and emails do NOT constitute Face to Face Meetings. You must meet with your
instructor, in person, and discuss items pertaining to the class.
Certification of Enrollment
o The instructor is required to certify your enrollment in this class. Because these classes do not have
regular classroom attendance, you will need to turn in coursework so the instructor can certify that
you are participating in the class. You must complete the certification assignment for each of your
classes by the certification date. You can find this date in your syllabus.
 If you do not complete this task, you will be dropped from the class.
Course Exams
o The exams for these classes may be taken from home, or proctored, depending on your instructor’s
guidelines. Consult your syllabus for verification.
o ALL FINALS MUST BE PROCTORED. This is non-negotiable, and not subject to instructor
o If you are able to come to the DC3 campus, you may take proctored exams at the DC3 Testing
o ALL Exams at the Testing Center must be scheduled ahead of time. You CANNOT simply show up
and expect to be provided a place to test. To schedule an exam, contact the Testing Center at
620.227.9357 or
o You are advised to call at least 3 business days in advance of the day you wish to test. This
recommendation is especially vital for weeks surrounding mid-terms and finals.
o Tests may be scheduled Monday –Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
o For the months of June and July, you may schedule tests Monday-Thursday from 7:30 am to 4:30
o Evening testing appointments are available by appointment only on Tuesdays, year-round, from
5:00 pm- 8:00 pm. Please note that the Testing Coordinator will not be in the Testing Center and the
Center will be closed if there are no exams scheduled on a particular evening.
o If you are not easily able to travel to Dodge City for exams, please contact your instructor or the
Guided Studies Coordinator for off-campus proctoring rules and guidelines.
o If you are a “no-show” for 3 or more exams in any semester, you will be allowed to test on an asavailable basis only. You will not be allowed to secure appointments. You will be considered a “noshow” if you fail to call the Testing Center and cancel/postpone your test before your appointment
o No matter where you test, you will be required to show a photo ID. Please have your student
ID or driver’s license with you.
o For the final three weeks of any Fall or Spring semester, students may take only one test per
day in the Testing Center. This is necessary to prevent a backlog of students taking numerous
tests per class late in the semester and thereby monopolizing the testing calendar, when others are
trying to schedule an appointment to take their last unit test or a final.
Timeline for Classes
o You are expected to complete this class within the timeframe of the session in which you are
enrolled. Guided Studies classes end on the Friday BEFORE finals week for regular, on-campus
classes to give all instructors time to enter final grades.
Minimum Time Requirement
o Working ahead is allowed in these courses. However, you must be enrolled in a class for a
minimum of 30 calendar days.
Academic Assistance
o If you are having difficulties completing your coursework, first set up a meeting with your
o If you meet with your instructor and determine that further assistance is needed, the Academic
Success Center on DCCC main campus offers free tutoring in almost every subject. The ASC is open
8 am - 9 pm Monday-Thursday and 8 am - 5 pm on Friday. For the months of June and July, the ASC
is open from 7:30-5:30, Monday- Thursday.
o Tutoring is available by appointment or during drop-in hours.
o Call 620.225.9508 for more information.
Financial Aid
o A student’s financial assistance will pay for these classes just like any other regular course offering.
The Financial Aid office at DCCC disburses scholarships, loans, and grants at the mid-term of each
semester. You must have a 2.0 GPA (C-average) at that time in order to have your financial
assistance applied to your balance with the school. If you do not, you risk having your funds
returned and being personally responsible for the balance of your bill.
o Students receiving financial assistance must to complete 50% of the coursework of each class by
the mid-term of each session so that instructors can accurately report the grade at mid-term.
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