concept paper - ASEAN Regional Forum

Beijing, China
Wednesday 22 April 2009 to Saturday 25 April 2009
I. Background
The frequent occurrence of natural disasters has caused great suffering and loss of life and property in
the Asia Pacific region. In order to counter natural disasters, ARF members have made great efforts in
recent years in international disaster relief (IDR) cooperation under the framework of ARF, which shows
a great spirit of humanitarianism. ARF members also reached consensus in many respects to expand their
cooperation as demonstrated by the adoption of the ARF Statement on Disaster management and
Emergency Response and the ARF General Guidelines on Disaster Relief Cooperation in July, 2006. In
April, 2008, Indonesia and Australia distributed the draft ARF Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster
Relief (HADR) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and in early May, 2008, co-sponsored a desktop
exercise to test the SOP.
However, past IDR operations have also revealed that the differences between national laws and lack of
relevant international laws usually result in legal obstacles in IDR cooperation. The situation calls for the
development of international HADR laws and regulations acceptable to ARF members.
To this end, China and Singapore will co-host the ARF Seminar on Laws and Regulations of IDR in
National Defence University, Beijing, China from Wednesday 22 April 2009 to Saturday 25 April 2009.
II. Theme
The theme for the Seminar will be Law and Regulation Building on the Participation in International
Disaster Relief of the Armed Forces of ARF Members.
Topic 1: Experiences of Militaries in HADR Operations
Discussions could focus on experiences of ARF militaries in HADR operations, particularly its
national legal framework.
Topic 2: Legal Challenges Faced by Militaries in Undertaking Disaster Relief Operations
Discussions could focus on the gaps between international legal framework for HADR
operations and domestic legal constraints.
Topic 3: Suggestions for Enhancing International HADR Cooperation
Discussions could focus on the ways to improve international cooperation in HADR.
III. Participants
Each country is kindly invited to send 2 delegates (1 Military officer and 1 civilian official or legal
expert of or equal to the rank of colonel).
IV. Language
Working language is English.
V. Accommodation
The Seminar will be held at GEHUA NEW CENTURY HOTEL BEIJING. The Hotel’s details are:
No. 19 Gulouwaidajie, Chaoyang District, Beijing China
+86-10-6202 8888
+86-10-6205 1929
Deluxe Single room
US$ 115 (tip included) per day
Executive Single room
US$ 170 (tip included) per day
(Includes daily buffet breakfast)
For your convenience a room booking form for forwarding to Four Points Hotel is at Attachment 1.
Please code Reference Number “0421” if you prefer booking on the web. Please ensure booking of
rooms before 6 April 2009 so as to enjoy the ARF guests’ rates.
VI. Registration Form
A Seminar Registration Form for each delegate is enclosed at Attachment 2. Participants are kindly
requested to return the form to the Seminar Secretariat by fax +86-10-82831104 by 6 April 2009.
VII. Presentations
A copy of the text of the presentation from each delegate, including any Power Point slides, should be
sent to the Seminar Secretariat by 8 April 2009. Please let the Secretariat know if you need a personal
computer (windows XP, Power Point), CD player and DVD player to support your presentations by 8
April 2009. Delegates are kindly requested to hand over soft and hard copies of their presentations on
arrival for presentation test.
VIII. Dress Code
Uniform and lounge suit for opening and closing receptions, opening and closing ceremonies, seminar,
formal dinner and official visits. Smart casual for other activities.
IX. Expenses
China will cover the cost of the Seminar facilities, formal and informal dinners, scheduled tours and
transport for scheduled tours. Delegates are to bear the cost of air travel, transport to and from the
airports, meals and hotel accommodation.
X. Point of Contact
The Seminar Secretariat may be contacted at the following address:
Major. FU Tao
Foreign Affairs Office, National Defence University, People’s Liberation Army, P.R. China
Mobile: +86-13911370705