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DAMs Systems Administrator
Job Title
DAMs Systems Administrator
Job Number
APS level 6
Job Type
Ongoing, Full time
$72 056 - $81 960
Acton, ACT
Collections Program
About the Organisation
AIATSIS is Australia’s premier national institution for Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander studies. We house the world’s most important and extensive collection of
cultural and research material, and we promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
knowledge and culture through access to our collections and including publishing
through Aboriginal Studies Press. We engage in a broad research program,
covering areas of social and cultural wellbeing, country and governance, and
including the Native title Research Unit. AIATSIS works to enhance the lives of
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and to enable a better understanding of
Australia and its people by all Australians.
According to recent significance assessments the AIATSIS collection is the “most
extensive and best contextualised collection of Indigenous Australia in the world”.
As a major national keeping place for Indigenous knowledge, it is also key research
infrastructure and a source of information and knowledge about Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures and histories for Australia and the world. The
Collections program encompasses all aspects of collection development,
management, preservation and access.
Position Details
Working as a member of the Systems and Infrastructure team within the Collections
Program, the DAMs Systems Administrator administers the various components,
systems and tools that comprise the AIATSIS corporate information knowledge base;
these include records and digital asset management tools (EDRMS, and DAMs). The
position requires specialist knowledge of information and records management best
practices, together with knowledge and skills relevant to the digitisation and
preservation of collection materials and an understanding of providing appropriate
access to the AIATSIS collections.
Duty Statement
Under limited direction
Manage the operation of the DAMs/EDRMS, to ensure full compliance with
current National Archives directives and standards, whilst ensuring that AIATSIS
operational requirements are met.
Provide specialist guidance and direction in relation to records and information
management practices and standards, research and maintain awareness of
emerging standards and practices.
Support the work undertaken by the Collections Systems Administrator in
operating the Library Management System and facilitate its seamless integration
with the DAMs and other collection systems.
Contribute to and assist in supporting the programs and projects undertaken by
the Collections Infrastructure team and contribute to team planning.
Provide staff training on systems applications and staff support as required
Communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders on a range of
complex matters.
Contribute to the achievement of AIATSIS goals and objectives as a member of
the Collections Program
Identify and act on own development needs and resolve own conflicts.
Be aware of, and work to the capability clusters outlined in the Australian Public
Service Commission Integrated Leadership System applicable to APS 6
Identified Position
Indigenous jobseekers are encouraged to apply for this vacancy. This position is
'Identified', which means that part of or all of the duties impact on Indigenous
Australian people and/or involve interaction with Indigenous Australian communities
or their representatives.
Application Instructions
Fill in the application form. Please limit your response to 250 words per criterion.
Selection Criteria
1. Demonstrated commitment to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
peoples and the demonstrated ability to communicate sensitively and effectively
with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This commitment will be
shown by their capacity to:
a. understand Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures;
Position Description: 116102611 | 1
b. identify issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
today; and
c. communicate respectfully.
2. Demonstrated understanding of the role of a major specialist collection in meeting
the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and researchers, and
the particular demands of such a collection. This includes understanding of the
challenges posed by Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights and the
concerns of Indigenous peoples when facilitating discoverability of material which
contains Indigenous cultural heritage.
3. Demonstrated knowledge and experience in the management and support of
Digital Asset Management system and Electronic Document and Records
Management system. Knowledge and understanding of records management
standards and an understanding of requirements under the Archives Act and
other legislation governing retention, storage and access to government
information and ability to ensure AIATSIS meets it obligations. Also required is
high level knowledge and understanding of metadata schemas, archive and
library standards and practices.
4. Demonstrated ability to respond positively to change in a flexible manner.
5. Demonstrated ability to identify broader factors, trends and influences that may
impact on own and team’s work.
6. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in a variety of formats and adapt
key messages to different audiences.
A relevant degree in information management will be highly regarded.
Demonstrated experience working with EDRMS/DAMS is required in this role.
Position Description: 116102611 | 2