Paperclip and Community Brainstorm

Brainstorming- Class #3
Design Principles: 1) Judgment-Free 2) Go For Quantity 3) Build Off Others
Introduction: What is brainstorming actually?  Overarching
principle is “Value in you, Value in others”… then 3 specific design
principles above
- make connection to sketching day: “We saw the value in you
already from the first two days…”
“Defer Judgment” Exercise
- Objective: Students will experience and articulate barriers to full
disclosure of their ideas/value.
- First, we give students a topic to brainstorm. Then they all
brainstorm out loud at once so that everyone is talking at the
same time.
- Second, we have them go around and share out their ideas one by
- Finally, we talk about the difference between the two
experiences. Was one safer? Did we withhold more in one? Why?
“Paper Clip” Brainstorm
- split class in half; work in partners
- Reflection- go for quantity… pushing the limits on what you think
you can do; value in your ideas; power of the group; building off
others; ideas coming at end…
 Topic: How to make your sibling like vegetables?
 Crazy Idea: Use playdough
o Roles: Judgmental Person, Promotes only their own idea,
Doubts ideas, Goes off topic
o Everybody: Builds on others idea, listens, encourages other
to speak, go for quantity.
“Solutions to Withholding” Brainstorm
- How can we create a “safe” environment that is judgment free
during brainstorming?
Crazy Ideas that led to Real, Successful Designs
show examples of wild ideas that seemed too wild and out there
but became real successful products or experiences  in concrete
ways demonstrates importance of deferring judgment.
o Getting Paid to Sleephotel chain creating frequent flyer
type program
o Transforming into a video game characterNintendo Wii
interaction system
o A year book for every person in the worldfacebook &
“Solutions to Community Needs” Brainstorm (in groups)
- Transition- “We’ve seen how generative each of us can be
individually and how powerful we can be as a group during the
paper clip brainstorm. Now we’re going to build off those
successes to use our skills to address problems in our
- How what we are doing relates to academic and life
- Review vocab
- I wish, I like