Brainstorming for Problem Solving Protocol

Brainstorming for Problem Solving Protocol
Problem-Solving Brainstorming Protocol
1. 5 minutes to brainstorm real-world problems that connect to students: (can use Turbo
Meeting protocol). Select one of the problems to explore further as a class, or have
different group select one problem each.
2. 5 minutes to analyze the problem
3. 5 minutes to brainstorm possible solutions
4. 2 minutes to prioritize solutions
5. 5 minutes to think through two or three of the solutions and choose which solution
will be implemented
6. 1 minute to identify a date meet again and report on impact of putting the solution(s)
into practice (assuming no additional research is needed) OR
7. 1 minute to identify who will research further the problem and/or the proposed
At a later time:
1. 4 minutes to report back on research, data, new information, and/or new insights
2. Repeat cycle above
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