Rock Hill Schools Special Education Procedures Exceptional

Rock Hill Schools
Exceptional Student Education
Special Education Procedures
Students with Disabilities Enrolling for the First Time from Another District or State
1. The school’s designee for enrolling new/transfer students (School Registrar) informs the
parent/guardian of the enrollment requirements, including 1) proof of residency, 2) S.C.
Certificate of Immunization, 3) birth certificate, and 4) child’s social security number.
2. As part of the school’s enrollment process, the School Registrar will ask the
parent/guardian if the child received special education services in the previous school. If
the child did receive special education services, the School Registrar will:
a. Complete the school’s enrollment process by enrolling the student and requesting
school records and special education records from the previous school/district.
b. Ask the parent/guardian for copies of any school records and special education
documentation, including a current IEP, then make photocopies.
c. Notify a readily available special education teacher, speech/language therapist, or
school psychologist (School ESE Representative) to immediately review the current
IEP and complete the ESE Transfer Packet while the parent or guardian is present.
The School Registrar or a representative of the School Registrar is NOT to complete
the ESE Transfer packet. The student may be enrolled in the school, but no special
education classes or services may be assigned until the ESE Transfer Packet is
completed by the School ESE Representative.
Current IEP is Immediately Available
3. If the student’s current IEP is 1) available at the time of enrollment from the
2) faxed immediately, or 3) credible, verbal confirmation from the
school or district office of the previous school district is obtained, the School ESE
Representative meeting with the parents can complete the ESE Transfer packet. The ESE
Transfer packet includes:
Agreement of Temporary Student Assignment
Release of Information
Consent for Treatment/Release of Information (Medicaid Consent)
COSF Preschool Entry Survey (complete if student is under the age of 6)
Action Form
Once the ESE Transfer packet is completed by the School ESE Representative and the
parent/guardian, special education services comparable to those described in the IEP
available at the time of enrollment will be defined and incorporated in the student’s class
assignment or schedule.
Revised 4-20-09
Rock Hill Schools
Special Education Procedures
Exceptional Student Education
Note: IDEA does not require the new district to exactly replicate the services specified in an
IEP developed by a previous school district. If disagreement should occur between the district
and the parent, the services which are in agreement will be provided and the school
psychologist must be contacted immediately to expedite a meeting to discuss the services to
be provided.
5. The School ESE Representative will photocopy all immediately available special education
records and provide a copy of these records to 1) the building ESE teacher or
Speech/Language Therapist who will become the student’s ESE case manager, and 2) the
ESE Office at the FLEX Center. Attach these copies to the completed ESE Transfer
Packet then address and send the entire packet to Mary Van Lieu (ESE Secretary) at the
FLEX Center.
6. The newly assigned ESE Case Manager will then:
a. …immediately e-mail or call the ESE SASI clerk, Mary Van Lieu ([email protected] ) and provide the student’s name, date of birth, and school of
enrollment. Dianne will enter the student in EXCENT as a transfer student. The
following day, the student should appear on the ESE Case Manager’s role.
b. …contact the school psychologist and appropriate related service personnel to
inform them of the new student’s enrollment and ask them to review all information
and/or paperwork, and
c. …confer with the school psychologist and other service providers to set a mutually
agreed date and time for the Review Meeting. This meeting should be held within
thirty (30) calendar days from the date of the of the student’s enrollment.
Note: The one, single most important document for the determination of transfer services is a
CURRENT IEP. The IEP from the previous district provides the basis for immediate services
and will be used to guide the student’s services during the temporary student assignment.
Current IEP Details a Self-Contained Placement
7. If the IEP from the previous district clearly defines placement and services within a selfcontained, special school, homebound, home-based, or institutional setting, the parent
should be directed to go to the ESE Office at the FLEX Center to meet with a school
psychologist and district staff to determine appropriate services and setting. The School
ESE Representative should call Mary Van Lieu (ESE Secretary) at 981-1085 to advise that
a parent is coming to enroll a student.
Revised 4-20-09
Rock Hill Schools
Exceptional Student Education
Special Education Procedures
Current IEP is NOT Immediately Available
8. If the student’s CURRENT IEP is not available, cannot be faxed, or cannot be credibly
confirmed and described over the phone by the previous district’s representative, the
student cannot be scheduled for special education services. The School Registrar can
enroll the student in the school and schedule only general education services until the IEP
or other Special Education records or credible, verbal confirmation can be obtained.
9. The School ESE Representative will document all contact attempts. After three (3)
documented, unsuccessful contact attempts, the School ESE Representative will alert the
school psychologist. The School Psychologist will consult with the student’s general
education teachers to determine if the need for a referral for an initial evaluation is
necessary. If an initial evaluation is determined to be needed, the student’s general
education teacher will follow the procedures for initiating a request for an initial evaluation
through the school’s student assistant team. If the student is a “speech only” student, the
Speech and Language Therapist will consult with the general education teacher to
determine needs and course of action.
Review Meeting Within 30 Days of Enrollment
10. This Review Meeting should take place within 30 days of the student’s enrollment, but it
can be scheduled as soon as the IEP team members have had appropriate time to collect
and review records, but also to have worked directly with the student. All records,
documents, information and data should be reviewed.
11. At the Review Meeting, the IEP team can:
a. Write a new IEP in EXCENT based on information gathered from the previous
school as well as current assessment, observations, and information obtained since
the student’s enrollment; or
b. Decide to conduct a re-evaluation to generate more information about the student
that would help more specifically define services.
c. Decide to conduct an initial evaluation to determine SC eligibility. This would be an
evaluation triggered by the Transfer Student Requirements, and the primary purpose
of requiring this evaluation is to determine if the transferring child will qualify as a
child with a disability under SC eligibility requirements – initial eligibility. Parental
consent would be required.
Revised 4-20-09