Grade 7
Sunday, September 21, 2013
Opening Mass for Religious
5:00 PM in Church
9/7 & 9/8
9/14 & 9/15
9/21: Opening Mass at
5pm – NO REL ED 9/2122
9/28 & 9/29
Ch. 1-p. 9 Jesus in the New
Testament (JNT)
God is the main author of
Sacred Scripture, the Bible.
How do we interpret the
SP = Spontaneous prayer
*Prayer booklet in back of text
Scripture: Deuteronomy 5:1-7
HMWK = Homework
Acts of the Apostles 2:22-24,
CCC = Catechism of the Catholic
Saint: St. Jerome, p. 18
Prayer: Locating a scriptural
Chapter Reviews are online at:
citation; How to pray with Click “View
Previous Version of Chapter Review” in Scripture every day.
HMWK: Chapter 1 Review
upper right hand corner in order to
email results.
Ch. 2- p. 19 (JNT)
The four Gospels were written by
different people sharing the
significance of Jesus for their lives
and the lives of others.
We are messengers of the Gospel.
Scripture: Ephesians 6:19, Matthew
1:1, 16, Mark 1:1,14-15, Luke 1:14,John 1:1-5, 20:30-31
Saint: The Evangelists
Prayer: The Apostles Creed
HMWK: Ch. 2 Review; Read the
Gospel of Mark chapters 1-16.
Ch. 3 - p. 29 (JNT)
The point of Mark’s Gospel is that Jesus
accomplished His “work” on the cross
through His suffering and dying for us and
His Resurrection.
Our work as disciples of Jesus requires
discipline and sacrifice.
Scripture: Mark 1:29-39
Saint: St. Mark, p. 31
Prayer: Acts of Faith, Hope, Love. p. 135
HMWK: Ch. 3 Review; Read the Gospel of
Matthew chapters 1-7.
10/5 & 10/6
10/12 & 10/13
10/19 & 10/20
10/26 & 10/27
11/2 & 11/3
Ch. 4 - p. 39 (JNT) with Diocesan
Formation in Christian Chastity
Lesson 1 – Grade 7
Matthew’s message is based on Jesus’
teaching that the new Law completes
the old and is written on the hearts of
all believers
Scripture: Matthew 5:13-16;17-22
(the Beatitudes)
Saint: St. Matthew
Prayer: The Beatitudes, p. 226
HMWK: Ch. 4 Review; Read the
Gospel of Luke chapters 1-10.
Ch. 5- p. 49 (JNT)
Luke’s Gospel details the saving
plan of God for all people.
The church witnesses to the
saving work of Christ at work in
the world
Scripture: Luke 4:14-15, 16-22,
Saint: St. Luke, p. 51
Prayer: The Nicene Creed
HMWK: Ch. 5 Review; Read
John’s Gospel chapters 1-12.
Ch. 6 - p. 59 (JNT) with Diocesan
Formation in Christian Chastity
Lesson 2 – Grade 7
The Gospel of John invites us to
believe in Jesus and have life in His
name. John was writing to the
Jewish community to deepen their
faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of
Scripture: John 1:1, 3:16; Exodus
3:13-14; John 11:21-27, 41-44;1
Corinthians 12:12-13; Deuteronomy
Saint: John, the Evangelist
Prayer: Our Father
HMWK: Ch. 6 Review; Read
Romans chapters 1-8.
Ch. 7- p. 69 (JNT)
St. Paul’s Letter to the
Romans speaks about what it
means to be baptized in
St. Paul’s intent in writing to
the Romans was to help
them see the truth about the
way to Salvation in Christ.
Prayer: Glory Be to the
Saint: St. Paul of Tarsus p.
Scripture: Romans 6:1-2, 311, 14, 15-23; 8:14.
HMWK: Ch. 7 Review: Read
Philippians chapters 1-4.
Ch. 8- p. 79 (JNT)
St. Paul encourages the Philippians to
rejoice because of the gift of salvation and
to let that joy impact the way they treat one
St. Paul wrote the letter to the Philippians
to promote peace and unity among them.
Scripture: Philippians 1:12-17, 27-29; 3:1,
20-21; 4:1. 4-9
Prayer: The Nicene Creed
HMWK: Ch. 8 Review; Read Colossians
chapters 1-4.
*Open House during Rel Ed sessions
Grade 7
11/9 & 11/10
End of 1st Marking Period
11/16 & 11/17
Progress Reports
Ch. 9-p.93 (JNT)
In the letter to the Colossians, St. Paul
points out that though baptized
members are in this world, they do not
belong to it, but to Christ.
Scripture: Colossians 1:15-20;2:6-7,12;
3:1-4, 12-17; John 13:34-35
Prayer: “Put on Love” P.102
HMWK: Ch. 9 Review; Read James
chapters 1-5.
Ch. 10- p. 103 (JNT)
The Letter of James teaches us
that we called to live our faith in
Christ and not only talk about it..
Scripture: James 1:22-27; 2:1417, 18-26; 3:13,17-18
Prayer: Works of Mercy p. 142
Saint: St. James, p.104-107
HMWK: Chapter 10 Review,
Read Hebrews 1-8.
11/23 & 11/24
12/7 & 12/8
12/14 & 12/15
The Liturgical Year and First
Week of Advent
Ch. 11 p. 113 (JNT)
St. Paul’s letter to the
Hebrews encourages
believers not to lose hope or
give in to temptation.
Scripture: Hebrews 8:1-2,9:14,7,11-15
Prayer form: Lectio divina,
HMWK: Chapter 11 Review,
Finish Hebrews 9-13.
Ch. 12 P. 123 (JNT)
The Book of Revelation is a message of
hope. We can hope in god’s love and
power to overcome evil and suffering.
Introduce the start of Advent as a way for
us to prepare for the Second Coming of
Scripture : Revelation 1:1-3; 18:1-2,45,8;21:1-7,22:1-4,13,20-21
Prayer: p.132, “Thy Kingdom Come”
HMWK: Read the Book of Revelation;
Write down Bible questions to bring to
*Overview of the seasons in the
liturgical calendar. Advent is a
season of waiting and preparing
Thanksgiving Holiday: OFF
Nov 30/Dec 1
1/4 & 1/5
1/11 & 1/12
1/25 & 1/26
2/1 & 2/2
Ch. 1-p. 9 Mystery of God (MG)
Both Faith and Reason help us come to
know God
Scripture: Psalm 27:8
Acts of the Apostles 2:22-24, 32-33
Saint: St. Augustine of Hippo, p. 11, St.
Albert the Great, p. 12, St. Elizabeth
Ann Seton, p.15
Prayers : Act of Faith, p. 137
Homework: Chapter 1 Review
Ch. 2- p. 19 (MG)
The Word of God: Sacred
Scripture (Promise of the
Covenants) and Sacred
Scripture: Acts of the Apostles
6:4 Genesis 2:17;9:8-10, 12-13
Prayer form: Lectio divina, p.
28; Review How to Go to
Confession – Act of Contrition.
Homework: Chapter 2 Review
Ch. 3 - p. 29 (MG)
We are called to live our faith in
Jesus and overcome the obstacles
that keep us from seeing with eyes
of faith.
Scripture: John 9:2-7, 38; 20:30-38
Saint: St. John, the Apostle and
Evangelist, p. 30-31
Prayer: Reconciliation – Act of
Contrition. Confession helps us to
remove obstacles in our lives that
keep us from getting close to God
and gives us the chance to see
Jesus in the person of the priest.
Homework: Chapter 3 Review.
Ch. 4 – How Great is Our
God DVD with Louie Giglio.
The Mystery of Creation –
p. 39 (MG)
Reflecting in faith on the
diversity within creation helps
us come to know more and
more about who God is
Scripture: Genesis 1:26,
Romans 1:20, Deuteronomy
6:4-5, 2 Samuel 7:28, Isaiah
54:10, 1 John 4:8
Saint: St. Teresa of Avila, p.
Prayer: The Divine Praises,
Homework: Ch. 4 Review.
Christmas Holiday: OFF Dec. 21 –
Dec. 29. Return on Jan. 4/5
2/8 & 2/9
End of 2nd Marking Period
Ch. 5- p. 49 (MG)
The mystery of God in the Holy Trinity is
the central mystery of the Christian faith.
Scripture: John 1:1,3, 14:10, 16-17, 26
Saint: St. Athanasius, p. 51
Prayer: The Apostle’s Creed.
Review chapters 1-5 – End of Part One
“Revelation of God”
Homework: Chapter 5 Review
Grade 7
2/22 & 2/23: 1st Week of Lent
Progress Reports Distributed
Part Two MG – The Gift of Salvation.
Ch. 6- p.63
The word, Incarnation, helps us to
express our beliefs about Jesus Christ
Scripture: Galatians 4:4; Luke 1:28,
4:18-19; John 1:1,14
Prayer: The Benedictus, p. 72
Homework: Ch. 6 Review
Ch. 7- p. 73
At the Transfiguration, Jesus was
revealed as the Son of God in whom
the Law and the Prophets are fulfilled.
Saint: St. Peter, St. James. St. John,
Scripture: Psalms 89:9, 13; Matthew
Prayer: The Gloria (from the New
Roman Missal)
Homework: Ch. 7 Review
3/1 & 3/2: 2nd Week of Lent
3/8 & 3/9: 3rd Week of Lent
Ch. 8- p. 83 (MG)
The writings of Isaiah, the
prophet, identify Jesus Christ as
the suffering Servant of God.
Good Friday.
Scripture: Hebrews 5:8-9;
Isaiah 52:13-15;53:1-3,7-8,1112
Prayer: Veneration of the Cross
– students may touch or kiss the
cross like at the Good Friday
service. Invite them to attend
our parish services during Holy
Week – explain the Good Friday
Ch. 9-p.93 (MG)
The Paschal Mystery of Jesus (His
Passion and Death), the new Adam,
reveals the depth of God’s love for
Scripture: John 19:30
Prayer: Stations of the Cross. Invite
them to attend our parish services
during Holy Week starting with Palm
Sunday to enter into the greatest
liturgical week in our Catholic Faith.
Homework: Chapter 9 Review
3/15 & 3/16: PRESIDENT’S
3/22 & 3/23: 4th Week of
4/5-4/6: No Class- Easter
Ch. 10- p. 103 (MG)
The Resurrection and the
Ascension are the foundation
of our hope in a life of eternal
happiness with God.
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:36,17: Acts 1:911,19,Hebrews9:24, Matthew
28:20, John 11:25-26
Prayer: Act of Hope, p. 137
Saint: St. Phillip Neri; St.
Julian of Norwich
Monday, March 23 –
Stations of the Cross for
all RE families
6:45 PM (Church)
4/12 & 4/13
4/19 & 4/20
4/26 & 4/27
5/3 & 5/4
Ch. 11 p. 113 (MG)
The Risen Jesus lives and is with us
Scripture: John 20:25, 28; 21:5-14
Prayer: The Joyful Mysteries of the
Rosary (pray one decade).
Saint: St. Thomas, the Apostle p. 115
Homework: Chapter 11 Review
Ch. 12 P. 123-129 (MG)
God the Holy Spirit is the Third
Person of the Blessed Trinity,
sent by God the Father and God
the Son to dwell within us.
The Holy Spirit is Lord and
Giver of Life. The Holy Spirit is
revealed in Sacred Scripture.
Scripture Acts 2:2-4, Ezekiel
37:1-3, 11, 12, 14, Matthew
10:20, John 3:5, 1 Corinthians
3:16, 2 Corinthians 6:16
Prayer: Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Ch. 12 – P. 130-134 (MG)
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Prayer: Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Assessment: Mystery of God
5/10-11 Mother’s Day OFF
HMWK: Chapter 12 review
Wrap up the year with review
games and other learning
HMWK: What questions do you
have about the Catholic faith?
What makes it hard to live your
faith at school?
3/29-3/30: No Class – Palm Sunday
5/17 & 5/18: End of 3rd Marking
5/24-25: Memorial Day – No Class
May 31st : No Rel Ed
 Closing Mass at
5:00 PM
 Progress Reports