Article list for the paper assignment

List of possible articles
All of these are in the journal INTERFACES. You can find these online through the
Bellarmine Library. Go to the Library website and click on Electronic Journal Finder.
Search for INTERFACES, then click on Business Source Premier. This will allow you
access to articles through 2007.
INTERFACES is also available at the University of Louisville. (The location code is
X HD 28.I45.) They have this journal in hard copy up through 2008. They may have
electronic access for more recent issues.
Other articles could be used, but must be approved by me before you write your
paper. Bring me a copy and I will review it.
 Everett, Philpott, Vatn, &Gjessing. Norske Skog Improves Global Profitability Using
Operations Research. January/February 2010
 Gopalakrishnan & Rangaraj. Capacity Management on Long-Distance Passenger Trains
of Indian Railways. July/August 2010
 Narisetty, Richard, Ramcharan, Murphy, Minks, & Fuller. An Optimization Model for
Empty Freight Car Assignment at Union Pacific Railroad. March/April 2008
 Lejeune & Yakova. Showcase Scheduling at Fred Astaire East Side Dance Studio.
May/June 2008.
 Rømo, Tomasgard, Hellemo, Fodstad, Eidesen, Pedersen. Optimizing the Norwegian
Natural Gas Production and Transport. January/February 2009
 Goossens &Spieksma. Scheduling the Belgian Soccer League. March/April 2009
 Butler, Lasdon, Dyer, & Maiman. Long-Range Planning for a West Texas Catholic
Diocese. March/April 2009
Farmer, Smith, & Miller, Scheduling Umpire Crews for Professional Tennis
Tournaments. March/April 2007
Cholette, A Novel Problem for a Vintage Technique: Using Mixed-Integer
Programming to Match Wineries and Distributors. May/June 2007
Cutshall, Gavirneni, & Schultz. Indiana University's Kelley School of Business Uses
Integer Programming to Form Equitable, Cohesive Student Teams. May/June 2007
Pajunas, Matto, Trick, & Zuluaga. Optimizing Highway Transportation at the United
States Postal Service. November/December 2007
Bixby & Downs, A Scheduling and Capable-to-Promise Application for Swift &
Company, January/February 2006
Ulstein, Christiansen, Gronhaug, Magnussen, & Solomon, Elkem Uses Optimization in
Redesigning Its Supply Chain, Jul/Aug 2006
Denton, Forrest, & Milne, IBM Solves a Mixed-Integer Program to Optimize Its
Semiconductor Supply Chain. September/October 2006
Dekle, Lavieri, Martin, Emir-Farinas, & Francis; A Florida County Locates Disaster
Recovery Centers, March/April 2005
Gavirneni, Clark, & Pataki; Schlumberger Optimizes Receiver Location for Automated
Meter Reading, May/June 2004
Saltzmann & Meyer; A Consulting Firm Uses Constraint Programming to Plan
Personnel-Review Meetings, March/April 2004
Martin, Jones, & Keskinocak; Optimizing On-Demand Aircraft Schedules for Fractional
Aircraft Operators, September/October 2003
Tyagi & Bollapragada; SES Americom Maximizes Satellite Revenues by Optimally
Configuring Transponders, September/October 2003
Ernst, Welgama, & Mills; Scheduling Appointments at Trade Events for the Australian
Tourist Commission, May/June 2003
Shortle et al; Optimal Design of a Data-Offload Network, September/October 2001
Carlyle & Eaves; Underground Planning at Stillwater Mining Company, July/Aug.
Gautier et al; The Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources uses Linear Programming to
Understand the Wood-Fiber Market, Nov./Dec. 2000
Berman & Hood; Capacity Optimization Planning System, Sept./Oct. 1999
Koksala & Sural; Efes Beverage Group Makes Location and distribution Decisions for
its Malt Plants, March/April 1999
Grandine; Assigning Season Tickets Fairly, July/Aug. 1998
Elliman, Girgis, & Kotob; A Solution to Post Crash Debt Entanglement in Kuwait's
al-Manakh Stock Market, Jan./Feb. 1997
Ferrell & Hizlan; South Carolina Counties Use a Mixed-Integer Programming-Based
Decision Support Tool for Planning Municipal Solid Waste Management, July/Aug.
Camm et al; Blending OR/MS, Judgment, and GIS: Restructuring P&G's Supply Chain,
1st half of 1997
Munson; Fine Tuning Regulated Telephone Prices, May/June 1996
Sinha et al; Strategic and Operational Management with Optimization at Tata Steel,
January/February 1995