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Recent Advances in
Multiobjective Optimization
Voratas Kachitvichyanukul
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering,
School of Engineering and Technology,
Asian Institute of Technology,
P.O.Box 4, KlongLuang, Pathumtani 12120, Thailand
The talk will review recent literatures on evolutionary-algorithm-based solution methods for
multiobjective optimization. The PSO-based algorithm will be used to illustrate the key
components in the search process to find the Pareto front. Some function optimization
benchmark test results are given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the PSO-based and the
DE-based algorithms. Some results on jobshop scheduling problem, vehicle routing problem,
and warehouse design problem are also given. A brief introduction will be given on the Object
Library for Evolutionary Techniques, ET-Lib.
Speaker’s Bio
Voratas Kachitvichyanukul is currently a Professor in Industrial and
Manufacturing Engineering at the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.
He has extensive experiences of over 30 years in modeling and
simulation of manufacturing systems.
His industrial experiences include full time technical positions in
FORTUNE 500 Companies such as Compaq Computer Corporation and
Motorola Incorporated in the U.S.A. He had also worked as consultant for
SEMATECH, USA, in the capacity of technical coordinator of the future
factory program for microelectronic industry in early 1990’s. Prior to taking position in industry,
he held the position of assistant professor (1982-1989) at The University of Iowa, USA.
He returned to Thailand in 1996 and later joined AIT in 1998. Besides his academic activities,
he has also been serving in various advisory capacities to companies and government
agencies. His teaching and research interests include evolutionary computational techniques,
planning and scheduling, simulation, enterprise resource planning, supply chain modeling, high
performance computing and applied operations research with special emphasis on industrial
systems. He can be reached at email address <>