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Natalie Jeane’s Spectacular Church Council Report for August 2015
Wrapping up an amazing summer! WFF was a good experience. Small groups have
been a little scattered schedule-wise, but still seeing a lot of Spiritual growth.
Camp Eagle was incredible! While it was super hot and we hiked FOREVER, the kids
learned a lot about themselves and the Lord. A lot of them want to return next year.
(As do I!)
Fancloth – Made $186
Ashley staying on as year-round intern. Woo!
Have a working parent email and text list. First parent meeting will be in
Back to school bash is Aug 23 at Grand Station Entertainment.
Invited a couple missionaries to either make videos from where they are or meet
with us in person. Kirk and Stephanie Clawson will be coming on Aug 26 before
they move to Belize and then Thailand! Parents are invited to attend that event.
Also will be volunteering with Family Promise starting Aug 23.