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Learning Adventure
“Medieval Times”
~‘Pay-the-Bill’ Projects/Presentations~
(Due: May 4th-Pres; May 11th Proj)
*Do not wait to the last minute to complete your project.
*You will probably want to involve your parents in some way.
*These are hands-on, creative learning projects---hope you
Have fun working on them.
*See me after school if you have any problems or questions
with your Project.
*You may fly solo, work with a partner, a trio, or a group of
FOUR (but no more). Also, be careful with a large group.
It’s some-times difficult to go to other kid’s houses and
work on a project. That will not be an excuse for not
completing it since you knew this upfront. Your choice!
*Presentations Due BEFORE the Projects!!!!
MAKE A CASTLE: (Project)
You will make a model of a
medieval castle. Please use materials that are readily
available at your house if at all possible. Try to keep the
expense down to a minimum. Use the castle handouts so that
you can make it authentic as possible. (Some kids have used
light wood, plywood, balsa wood, cardboard (NO! NO! Sugar
cubes) for building materials.) See me for the handout. If
possible, you can include a moat, drawbridge, torture tower,
iron gate, soldiers, etc. Be sue to write some CASTLE FACTS on
TWO 3X5 notecards and place beside it.
CASTLES!!!) Castles MUST be made according to the
measurements I gave out in class so that they can get through
the door and sit on a desk.
will need to research the topics below thoroughly. Please
provide pictures (either drawn by you/photocopied/computer
generated) with captions explaining what they represent. Use
diagrams, charts, maps, etc. along with any computerized
images, text, etc. as you see fit. Please attach a 1-3 page
research report in the middle of your board about the topic(s).
Don’t forget to use colored backgrounds and a variety of text
and pictures for a really neat project board. Use matting
concepts and scrapbook ideas for a truly beautiful and unique
board. Use your TOP 100 FACTS for your captions under the
Get creative and make some type if ‘interactive’ component for your
audience---Ex: matching flashcard concepts in pockets.
WARNING: No Actual Weapons Should Be Brought To School!
“Life in the Middle Ages”
“Daily Life in a Medieval Town”
“The Black Death”
“Famous Kings and Queens of the Middle Ages”
“Causes and Consequences of the Plague”
“King Arthur and His Camelot”
“The Crusades: Who? What? Where? When? Why?”
“Knighthood and Chivalry of Medieval Times”
“The Legend of Robin Hood”
“Medieval Castles” or “Castles of the Middle Ages”
You will need to use
the same topics and info from the above list used with the Visual
Display Board to do the website. Be sure you know how to make one
before you choose this project or are willing to learn.
( or (
3. Create A Multimedia Presentation:
(Pres) Use
presentation very similar to the “Visual Display Board”.
You will use your TOP 100+ Facts and TOP 50+ Vocab.
type your information in colorful textboxes or backgrounds. Also, you will use pictures from my media files
on my classroom computers. Be sure to use special
effects on the text so that it will be as interesting as
possible. Use music at the beginning and ending. Use a
similar format as we have in the past with Egypt & Rome
PPTs with a collage and a video clip. Be sure to save it
BOTH at home and on your flashdrive. You will need to
share/tell your presentation to the class by using
‘memory triggers’ that appear on the screen. This will
enable you to give a very dramatic report without
reading it “word-for-word”.
You will also use the
microphone presentation system. Practice it at home so
that you know everything works and you hve most of it
already in your head to share with us. (6 – 8 min)
4. Write and Perform A Scripted Play: (Pres) Create a
medieval play using characters from your study of the
middle ages. You may use factual as well as legendary
ones. Write-in a part for a narrator to help tie any loose
ends together. The script should be typed with 4 to 6
characters and several different scenes.
Be sure to
develop a PLOT with good guys vs. bad guys. Please work in
the knowledge of the characters, events, and other
important facts from this time period into your script---TOP
100 FACTS. You will need to use your classmates as your
“live” actors that will READ from the pages of the script.
Be sure to make enough copies for your actors to read their
part or at least share with two people. This can be done
LIVE in the classroom or video taped and viewed in the
classroom. (4 to 6 min ONLY!!!!!)
5. Create and Perform a Puppet Theater Program:
(Pres) You will need to write a script with the same
requirements as the DRAMATIZATION above---you will need 4
to 6 characters. You will make your own puppets out of
socks or any other material and act out your script. Try to
develop a plot that tells some information about what we
have studied. Use actual characters from the middle ages
or a modern version with kids studying the middle ages or
they go back in time and encounter some of the ones we are
studying. Your choice.
Make sure you use the TOP 100
Facts in the script in a creative way. (4 to 6 min ONLY!!!!!!)
Make an Animated Video: (Pres) You will need a
script for this one too as you have already been
instructed. However, your actors will be
action figures and/or dolls of some sort
that will allow you to move and reposition
their arms and legs. HINT: think of “TOY
STORY”. Dress them up in some medieval
costume made from fabric or construction
paper if you want to. Videotape them ‘talking’
in one position, pause, then change and
videotape again. Continue like this until you
have completed your animated video. (Be sure
to use the information that you have learned
in this unit.) You will need to combine your
video camcorder with video editing software and create
a ‘masterpiece’. Use Windows MovieMaker or iMovie on a
MAC. This probably only needs to be selected IF you have
an adult that knows what they are doing and can help
you---notice I said ‘HELP’ not do it for you! (3 to 6 min)
Create a Scrapbook: (Project) You will need a lot
of pictures from the Internet/CD-ROM encyclopedia/My
books/magazines about medieval people,
events, daily life, kings & queens, knights,
Etc. with the information and facts you
have learned from this unit—TOP 100 Facts.
Arrange your pictures in an interesting
information. You may want to use real scrap-booking
tools and supplies for this project. Or, you may want to
make a DIGITAL scrapbook with computer software. For
example: Scrapbooks Deluxe or Comic Life. It is entirely
up to you. Just create a very informative and neat
educational project that is appropriate in length and
subject matter. (Too few pages will be a problem Too
many gets boring)
Create a Review Game: (Pres) Make a review game by
writing the Questions and Answers on 3x5 cards to be
played in the classroom. This game can take three
different formats: 1) Use the ‘Red Board’ in my room to
place the cards (horizontally) in 5
different categories; and place your
cards (vertically) in the pocket dividers of
the ‘Yellow Board’ (50 Facts cards); or 2)
make a computer Jeopardy game using the
template I placed on Eboard with Q & A in
five categories (25 facts); or 3) Make a
jeopardy game board using a 3-paneled
display board with 25 pockets for your 25 facts in five
different categories. (EX: vocabulary; Kings/Queens;
Places; Things; People; Dates; Potpourri; Etc.) Use TOP
100+ FACTS/Top 50+ Vocab. (You will be given 4 to 6 min
to play it with us.)
Create a Pop-Up Book/TrioRama: (Project)
a pop-up book similar to what was given to you in the rome
unit. Choose four separate scenes or events from this
time period; or people; or kings; or battles; or Islam; or
one of each and depict them as authentically as is
possible. Get ideas from the list of research topics for
the visual display board and/or your textbook. Be sure
to use your TOP 100 Facts as captions of Info and make
sure that your pop-ups actually ‘pop-up’. Follow the
directions from the handout you were given from the
rome unit. You MUST use TOP 100 Facts as the captions!
Create Your Own Joust (Pop-Up or TrioRama):
Make a 4-Scene Jousting
spectators, and knights on horses preparing
to joust. The key is to make it ‘3-D’ and
colorful. Be sure to use the information you
have learned from the textbook and other
sources to help you make it as authentic as