Investigator Dr. Karim Dino Jamali Head PBG

Date of Birth: 10th April, 1957
Designation: Deputy Chief Scientist, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
Academic qualification
Ph.D. in Plant Breeding and Genetics in the Department of Agriculture and Environmental
Science (1987-1991), University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (U.K). Title of thesis “Interaction
of dwarfing genes in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and their adaptation to high temperature”.
Post-Doctorate training in “Molecular markers in wheat” from John Innes Center Norwich,
U.K. (10-06-2002 to 09-11-2002).
Present Status
Deputy Chief Scientist
Title of the project: Breeding for semi-dwarfism and high grain yield in wheat
(Triticum aestivum L.)
Release of wheat varieties
i. Main breeder for the release of a new wheat variety “NIA-Sunhari” for general
cultivation in Sindh province on 02-03-2010.
ii. Associate breeder for the release of “Khirman” wheat variety in 2006
Zonal Trial studies: Two genotypes are being tested for zonal trial (6-12, 4-10) studies.
Isogenic material: Development of isogenic lines for semi-dwarf (Rht1, Rht2, Rht1Rht2,rht)
genes in wheat in five different genetic backgrounds
Advance Station Genotypes: Development of seventy advance station lines
Germplasm material: Development of one hundred forty genotypes of germplasm
Introduction of Rht8: Introduction of Rht8 a new gene from Mara (Italian variety) to our
local material for high temperature tolerance and longer coleoptiles length studies.
Breeding material: Breeding material consisting from F1-F8 is being maintained.
Mutation breeding material: Development of thirty M5 mutated material for stress tolerance
(drought and salinity).
Transformation studies: One of our transformed lines C4-98-04 from NIBGE Faisalabad is
being studied by Plant Physiology, Soil Science and Plant Breeding & Genetics Divisions for
phosphorus use efficiency studies.
Participation in International symposium, conferences, meetings: Sixteen (16)
Participation in National symposium, conferences, meetings: Nineteen (19)
Publications national and international: Twenty seven (27)
Abstracts published/Papers presented in conferences: Fourteen (14)
i. Merit scholarship for Ph.D. from Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan for
the period from December 21, 1986 to 20th December 1990.
ii. Award of “Travel Grant” from Commonwealth Science Council London to participate
in the 9th International Wheat Genetics Symposium held in
Saskatchewan Canada from 2-7, August 1998.
iii. Award of “Travel Grant” from Pakistan Science Foundation Islamabad to participate
in the “10th International Wheat Genetics Symposium” held from 1-6 September,
2003 at Paestum, Italy.
i. Award of “Travel Grant” from National Commission for Biotechnology to participate
in the “International Conference on Biotechnology for Salinity & Drought
Tolerance in Plants” (28-31 March 2005), Islamabad Pakistan”.
Who is who in Bio-saline Agriculture in OIC countries, Inter-Islamic network on
Bio-saline agriculture (INBA) published in 2005.
iii. Award of productivity allowance declared as productive scientist of Pakistan for the
year 2010-11 by the Pakistan Council for Science and Technology, Islamabad
i. Four and half years experience in wheat breeding and genetics in the Department of
Agriculture and Environmental Science, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
(U.K) from 1987 to 1991.
ii. Twenty years experience in wheat breeding and genetics at Nuclear Institute of
Agriculture, (NIA) Tando Jam Pakistan (1992 - to date).
iii. Five months post-doc training in wheat molecular marker studies for semi-dwarf genes
Rht1, Rht2 and microsatellite techniques at John Innes Center Norwich, U.K. from
10-06-2002 to 09-11-2002.
International projects awarded
i. Mutation breeding for improving high temperature tolerance in semi-dwarf bread
wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Vienna Austria. Awarded from 2001-2003.
ii. IAEA/RCA Project (RAS/05/45) on “Improvement of crop quality and stress tolerance
for sustainable crop production using mutation techniques and biotechnology.
Awarded from 2007-2011 (Country Coordinator).
iii. IAEA/RCA Project (RAS/5/056) on “Supporting mutation breeding approaches to
develop new crop varieties adaptable to climate change. Awarded from 2012-2015
(Country Coordinator).
Other activities:
 Member Board of Studies in Science Faculty, University of Sindh Jamshoro
 Co-supervisor for Ph.D. and students in Department of Plant Breeding &
Genetics, Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam
 Chairman of Seminar Committee at NIA Tando Jam for conducting weekly seminars
since 1998.