Forecasting Weather Tools

Name: _________________Hr. _____
Forecasting Weather Tools
Weather balloon
Measures: pressure, ________________, relative humidity changes, wind
speed and ________________.
Measures ___________________
1. Measures ________ pressure
2. Units: inches of mercury or millibars
3. Shows whether air pressure increases or decreases
These kinds of barometers tell pilots how ___________ their planes are.
Wind sock
1. Instrument used for measuring wind ____________
(Note: If points north actually indicates the southerly wind.)
Date: _______
Due: ____________
Device for measuring _____________ speed.
An electronic instrument
Determines the direction and distance of objects that reflect radio
energy back to the radar site.
Used to see ________, ___________ and ______________.
Doppler Radar
1. Detects ___________________ intensity, wind direction and speed,
estimates of hail size and rainfall amounts.
2. Early detection of severe storms, possibly tornadoes
3. Best tool to forecast weather and give warnings of storms
Weather map
1. Records what is happening in the _________________ at a certain time.
2. Used to predict changes in the weather
Cold front
1. The place where a _________ air mass replaces a warm air mass.
2. These different air masses do not mix because they have different
_______________ and densities.
Warm front
1. The place where a __________ air mass replaces a cool air mass.
2. Warm fronts move slowly, bringing light rain/snow that lasts for long
periods of time.
1. Lines of equal _________ pressure drawn on a meteorological map.
2. Used to measure strength and direction of wind.
1. A line connecting locations with equal _______________.
2. Isotherm maps show where temperatures are relatively high and low, and
also where temperature changes are gradual or dramatic over a distance.